AWI Letter to 60 Minutes

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    60 Minutes
    524 West 57th Street
    New York, NY 10019
    January 23, 1998
    Dear Sirs:
    Algeria Watch International would like to thank and applaud the 
    producers of 60 Minutes for devoting a segment of their January 18, 
    1998 program to the terrible tragedy unfolding in Algeria.  By 
    drawing to the attention of the American audience the unimaginable 
    pain and horrific suffering of Algerians, you have crucially 
    contributed to putting the spotlight on what is probably the most 
    brutal conflict in the world today.  It is our hope and conviction 
    that increased awareness of the Algerian tragedy will lead to 
    positive contributions from the world community towards bringing 
    to a halt the bloodshed in Algeria.  We urge 60 Minutes and other 
    news organizations to keep the Algerian tragedy in their collective 
    mind and conscience.
    Algeria Watch International

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