January 23, 1998

    Algeria Watch International
    P.O.Box 27423
    West Allis, WI. 53227, USA
    Tel: (414) 543-6534
    AWI email: awi@afn.org
    BOD email: afn33683@afn.org
    URL: https://members.tripod.com/~AlgeriaWatch
    Dear Nadira & Friends:
    First of all thank you for your positive comments
    on AWI's progress and for taking interest in our
    organization. Thank you also for sharing your concerns
    about the various problems we could encounter.
    The focus of AWI is to fulfill the tasks defined
    in its mission statement, and as such there is no
    mechanism to scrutinize the background of the volunteers
    who decide to join. There are however various rules and
    procedures, discussed in our bylaws, that are meant to
    resolve potential conflicts. We hope never to have to test
    the limits of these rules, but we have a mechanism in place
    to improve them if needed.
    Joining AWI to spy on it would actually be a waste of time.
    AWI's purpose is to gather information about Algeria and share
    it with everyone. Whether through the periodic updates we have
    started to send to this forum, the statements we release, or
    our web site we intend to make everything we know
    available.  There are no hidden agenda or secrets as we
    are a non-profit and non-political organization. Our
    only motivation is to contribute, in whatever way we can,
    to improving the situation in Algeria. We also hope to
    demonstrate, by example, that algerians and friends of algerians,
    of all tendencies can unite around a common goal and work
    together even if they don't necessarily agree on everything.
    The dedication of the AWI volunteers who honestly subscribe
    to the AWI mission statement combined with the rules described
    in the bylaws should be sufficient to foil any attempt
    to derail the organization from its mission.
    We hope this will assuage your fears and convince you
    to come and join AWI.
    Karim Diff
    CBoumechal@ifc.org wrote:
    > Dear Mr. Diff:
    > It is very interesting to observe that AWI is steadily taking shape.  As
    > you mention it, its activities have steadily increased, and the same goes
    > for the number of its members.  I am sure many netters would join your
    > group.  However,  if this forum is open to everyone, how would we know
    > whether the SM et consort will not infiltrate your group.  How about the
    > Algerian Embassy in Washington DC or elsewhere for that matter?  How would
    > we know whether people join you just to spy on you?  How do you know who is
    > who?  Remember, we do not know who is doing the killings, etc., etc.  and
    > we do not know who the netters are after all.  Toutes les tendances se
    > retrouvent dans ce net,  et qui me dit que celui ou celle qui nous envoie
    > de gentils messages n'est pas justement le commanditaire du FIS, de la SM,
    > etc, etc,  How do you plan to deal with problems of this nature?  Ce sont
    > les risques du metier me direz-vous, mais j'aimerai bien savoir a qui j'ai
    > affaire.
    > Thank you for what you are trying to do.  Thank you for trying to bring
    > peace in Algeria.
    > Nadira