Algerian Former Diplomats Visit to US

    Breaking the Chains twice in a Century
    PO BOX 172, Morrisville, NC 27560-0172
    Phone/Fax (919) 781- 3443 or (732) 274-2861
    April 4, 1998
    Dear Sir or Madam:
    We are a volunteer organization of Algerian academics and professionals
    dedicated to the promotion of human rights in our country. We are inviting
    three Algerian personalities to visit the United States on a tour between
    April 18 and 28, 1998. These individuals are: Prof. Abdelhamid Brahimi,
    former Prime Minister of Algeria and currently Director of the Center for
    Maghreb Studies in London, Mr. Mohamed Laarbi Zitout, a former diplomat
    and Mr. Mohamed Denidni a former newspaper editor.
    We have planned a number of speaking engagements and media interviews as
    well as some meetings with influential figures in academia and the human
    rights community in the US. The primary objective of this tour is to
    inform the US public opinion about the tragedy of our people and the
    brutality of a conflict, which has lasted for more than six years. The
    series of massacres that caused the death of thousands of people in the
    most barbaric way has lead to an outcry from many international
    organizations and many Algerians across the political spectrum. This
    outcry was followed by repetitive calls for an international inquiry into
    the circumstances of these massacres. We, at ALHUR are very pleased to see
    the United Sates Government reiterating this call during the current
    session of the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva.
    We hope the information tour we are planning will bring further support to
    this call and help tear down the wall of silence surrounding Algeria and
    pave the way for a peaceful solution to this bloody conflict. We would
    appreciate very much any assistance we could receive in making this a
    successful event. For more information, please contact us at the above
    numbers or e-mail us at
    Algerians for Legality and Human Rights in Algeria (ALHUR)
    Date            Place           Activities
    Sat. April 18   New Jersey      Arrival Newark, NJ
    Sun. April 19   NJ/ NCNJ        Community Event in the Morning
                                    Fly to N.C. Be in Raleigh before Maghrib
                                    Community Event, Raleigh, NCM.E.
    Mon. April 20   Raleigh, N.C.   Meetings with Political figures (in the work)
                    Duke University Symposium on Algeria in the afternoon
                                    Media interviews
                                    Spent night in NC
    Tue. April 21   New York, NY    Fly to Newark
                                    Lunch with Academic figures in  New York
                                    WBAI Radio (Need confirmation for 5 pm,
                                    9 pm show is confirmed)
                    Columbia Univ.  Evening (to be confirmed)
                                    Spend night in NJ
    Wed. April 22   Denver, CO      Colorado Events (Need Details)
                                    Spend night in CO
    Thu. April 23   Columbus, OH    Radio Session (12 noon)
                    Ohio State U.   Evening: Forum on Algeria (need details)
                                    Spend night in Columbus
    Fri. April 24Chicago, IL        University of Chicago (afternoon)
                                    Community address (evening)
                                    Media Interview
    Sat. April 25   Chicago, IL     Mainly a rest day
                                    Guests to "Night of Recognition" for
                                    Mohammed Ali
                                    Spend night in Chicag
    Sun. April 26   Newark, NJ      Fly to Newark, NJ
                                    Community Event in the Evening
    Mon. April 27   Washington, DC  Fly to Washington (morning)
                                    TV appearance
                                    Roundtable discussion
    Tue. April 28   Washington, DC  Press Conference
                                    National Press Club Meetings
                                    with political figures
    Wed. April 29                   Fly Back Home from Washington
    Washington,  DC: (Arab News Network/Dubai  TV)  Ramadan Ramadan
    Washington,  DC: Algerian Turmoil
    Arrangements in the making for personalities: Interpreting Algeria/
    or DePaul Univ. Chicago-wide Night of Recognition
    Dr. Brahimi (speaker) Indiana, Bloomington/Indianapolis: Understanding
    the  Algerian Quagmire
    Tour of Chicago

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