BOD Suggestions

    * For advertising and seeking help: we could compile a list of the 
    people who answered the "letter of conscience" and send them a 
    message. They may be more responsive.  I think I have most of the
    messages of support sent to us back in June. (Ahmed)
    * Use the ",inc." after "Algeria Watch International".  (Hammoudi)
    * Call on people to contact 60 Minutes to thank them for their
    segment on Algeria. (Ahmed)

Suggestion from Karim

... I think we should put [FFS Communique] somewhere on our Web site and let people know it is there. It's an interesting piece for people who are interested in the details of the situation and while the media have mentioned some of the essentials it is always good to be able to look at the full document.

Two Suggestions from Hammoudi

    Wouldn't it be better to get members involved
    just by exposing what is happening and ask for volunteer to do the job? For
    instance: let's say Suzanne Kassem contacts us again, Senator Leahy does the
    same, we need a statement written etc... instead of Karim having to
    answer/do all the work, he would present it to AWI members and ask for
    volunteers to do the job. Since it is his area of expertise, he would then
    only communicate with those who are doing the tasks and get back to us, for
    a final decision, once the work is done by the volunteers. Let's face it:
    The BOD doing all the work is not going to work once AWI gets busier. Now to
    get back to Karim's point, I say this: If the BOD does the drafts/work, it
    will be to the discretion of the BOD to expose it to AWI members ( if time
    etc permits ).
    One more suggestion is to remove the BOD email address from all AWI
    announcements, web page etc... We will only use it for BOD matters or
    private correspondence. My point is: everything should go through AWI
    members so that they know what is going on ( us not having to forward emails
    to them...), and therefore be able to follow the events whether they are
    involved in those events or not. This way, when we ask for volunteers, the
    facts are already there and they can start working on them right away. The
    other benefit is that when members see emails coming from out of AWI
    senators, Kassem, people asking for more info about AWI etc...) they might
    get excited and participate more.

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Revising the Bylaws: Ahmed Bouzid, March 07, 1998