BOD Tasks: February 08, 1998 to March 1, 1998

    	- Add a 5th category of public statement: In depth Analysis articles
    	- React next week to the Congressional hearing about Algeria.
            - Everyone of us to build their own homepage
            - Think about ways of making our meetings shorter
                Idea 1: timing each of our reports.
                Idea 2: ask members of AWI to take on more work     
            - Long term: each BOD member writes down any information they feel
    	  is important in carrying out the tasks of their respective position.
    	  This includes technical information, basic data (e.g., bank account #,
              incorporation data, etc.,), advice on how best to manage work, list
              of contacts, etc., anything that will make filling a vacated
    	  position a smoother task.
            - Test the AWI membership application form