General Field Officer tasks: 1/12/98 - 2/28/98

            - Will keep trying to recruit people to tasks.
            - Will release a report to AWI every Wednesday.
    	- Ask M'hemmed Henniche to drop tanslating the Wednesday updates
    	and translate AWI public statements instead
    	- Write a draft analysis of the congressional hearing that aired on
    	C-Span. The final version will be used as our 1st Analysis statement
    	- Send an e-mail to AWI asking members to volunteer for tasks
    	In e-mail, request coordination of tasks, as well as simple 
    	contributions to tasks.
    	- Send an e-mail to Anet asking netters to volunteer for tasks
    	- Investigate chat room idea
    	- Contact Oumerzouk to take on the brochure project
    	- Ask Azzedine Mansour to go ahead with his task (accreditation).
    	- Add the brochure project to the list of tasks
    	- Add the accreditation project to the list of tasks
    	- Look into Rep. Hastings resolution on Algeria

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