General Field Officer's Tasks

    The task of the General Field Officer (GFO) is to collect and 
    archive information relevant to the mission of AWI.  Remember that
    AWI's strategy to bring to world attention the Algerian crisis is
    two-pronged: (1) actively bring attention to events and actions
    that concern the Algerian crisis, and (2) provide easy access to
    important information on the Algerian crisis, along with other 
    data that will help AWI fulfill its overall mission.
    More specifically, the GFO will collect information and place
    whatever he or she has collected in AWI's WEB site by creating
    html pages.
    The task of collecting information can quickly become 
    overwhelming if the GFO does not establish early in the
    game a quick and efficient way of categorizing incoming
    information for further addition to the AWI Web site.
    One simple solution would be to set aside (say in a separate,
    mail folder, e.g., called ToAdd) any email that contains 
    information to be added to the WEB site.  When the information 
    is added to the site, the relevant mail or mails should at that 
    point be removed and placed in another folder (say ToAdded).
    The GFO is expected to actively seek information and to keep
    an eye open for anything that may be of use to AWI.
    (3) WEB PAGES
    The GFO is responsible for the following pages:
    	- All pages under the Activities Archives section
    	- The AWI Library page
    	- List of GFO tasks
    In the interest of time, the GFO is advised to create simple 
    Web pages.  The GFO is advised to use the quickpage facility 
    provided by tripod.
    The GFO's task of collecting information can be greatly helped
    when the labor of that task is divided among many individuals.
    However, the GFO needs to be aware that the management of a team
    is no trivial task, and that without proper management collective
    work can be counter-productive.
    The following are key to the good management of the GFO team:
    (a) Keep track of who is doing what 
    As the GFO team grows, the GFO can quickly lose track of who is doing what.  
    It is crucial that the GFO, as the leader of a group, not be perceived as
    not knowing what is taking place within his or her group. 
    The GFO is advised to build a chart of the GFO team that indicates
    who is doing what and where each person is in their work.
    (b) Regularly remind people who are getting behind
    The GFO will almost always need to nudge people to deliver on
    their promises.  This is a delicate task and the GFO should
    formulate his or her nudges as gently as possible.  After 
    all, all workers are volunteers and the GFO needs to keep that
    in mind.
    (c) Give credit to people who have done work
    It is good practice to always mention who did what and
    to thank them for their work.  The main vehicle for doing
    this is the Wednesday update, but the GFO may also make
    such mentions in mails to AWI members.
    (d) Add people's contribution to the site as soon as possible
    Another good practice is to -- as soon as possible -- add to the site
    information provided by officers.  Officers do react positively
    when they see that their work is indeed helping AWI grow.
    (a) The importance of increasing the size of the GFO team
    The GFO should be constantly be looking for ways to increase the
    size of his or her team  and to assign tasks to volunteers.
    This is crucial not only because as the team grows, the amount
    of work that can be achieved also increases, but also because
    as more people invest themselves in AWI through their work, the
    more solid members of AWI they become, therefore contributing 
    to the growth and maturity of AWI as a whole.
    (b) Recruiting
    The GFO is expected to actively seek volunteer workers either 
    by addressing the AWI membership or outside fora.
    Note that the GFO may NOT recruit anyone who is not member of AWI.
    (c) Positions and Tasks
    The GFO may appoint someone to a permanent position as executive
    or field officer or may assign them to a temporary task.
    The GFO may at any point in time appoint a volunteering AWI member
    to either an executive or field officer position.  The list of 
    positions is given in detail at:
    Moreover, the GFO may at any point in time create short term
    tasks and assign any AWI volunteer to that task.  The list of
    tasks is given at:		
    Regarding tasks: it is more often the case that the GFO will receive a 
    favorable response if he or she approaches a person with a well-defined
    and specific task to fulfill than if the description were general and vague.
    The GFO needs to file a weekly report to the GM to be delivered by end of
    business day, each Tuesday. 
    The report should contain the following information:
    		- Web pages added/modified
    		- GFO position assignment changes
    		- GFO task assignment changes
    		- New GFO positions open
    		- New GFO tasks open
    (7) GFO & BOD
    The GFO is also member of the BOD and tasks pertaining to his role
    in that capacity are also part of his duties.  
    On this score, the GFO is advised to examine:
    	- Artice III of the bylawys
    	- The General Work guidelines at: