General Manager's Tasks for 2/09/98 - 2/28/98

    	- Fill the "to do" task list for every BOD member
    	- Long term: find out a way of making the sensitive pages 
    	(minutes, ...) accessible through login only
    	- Record Lamine's resignation, and update mailing list
    	- Long term: Start thinking about December 1998 elections
    	- Long term: Add an election page to the web site
    	- On going: scheduling of every activity
    	- Test the AWI membership application form
    	- Contact Myriam Nya:
    	   1 - Ask her whether she wants to become a member of AWI
    	   2 - Ask about forms/applet used on our site
    	- Update typical bi-weekly agenda:
    	   1 - Replace (C) (other issues) with "Memebers suggestions"
    	   1 - Add (D) = "other issues"
            - Add AWI to search engines other than AltaVista

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