General Manager's tasks

    (1) Managing AWI membership
    (a) Keeping track of new applications
    (i) All new applications for membership to AWI must be sent to the AWI
    address.  If an application is sent to the BOD, the GM needs to 
    forward that application to AWI.  (This applies also to other BOD members:
    i.e., if any other BOD member receives an application, they will send it to AWI.)
    (ii) Sending an acknowledgment message to the applicant that AWI received
    their application and that the GM will get back to them within 48 hours.
    (b) Adding new admissions
    If After 48 hours the new membership applicant has not been opposed, then
    the GM needs to add the new applicant to the AWI forward file.   Karim is
    the owner of the awi account, so he will fill you in on how to login
    into the awi account to make changes on your own.
    (c) Updating the AWI membership list
    The official AWI membership list must be updated.  The list is at:
    (2) Maintaining the AWI Web site
    (a) The WEB site at this point is being maintained by Karim and I.  I am managing the
    pages that belong to the AWI archives and activities, while Karim is taking
    care of the rest.
    (b) As a start, you may take over the BODPage and the AWI members page, both of
    which are internal, and therefore pertain directly to the duties of the GM.
    	BOD Page:
    	AWI members page:
    It will be part of your job to keep both pages updated.  It is of course
    entirely up to you what the pages should look like and what they should
    contain -- that is, don't hesitate to modify them as you see fit.
    NOTE: Please make sure that you do not share the url of the BODPAGE with anyone.
    It contains minutes of private BOD meetings.
    (3) Keeping track of BOD tasks and schedules
    As GM, you will need to make sure that we have a schedule and that we
    are on track for things we were supposed to do.  This is really crucial,
    since doing the work and keeping track of what needs to be done can become
    difficult to do consistently.  That is, we will rely on you to remind us
    in case we let something slip or drop the ball on some task or other.
    (4) Keeping track of suggestions
    (a) keeping track of suggestion to the BOD
    Many good suggestions made by BOD members are sometimes forgotten for the
    simple reason that no one decided to keep track of them on a consistent basis.
    The result is that many good ideas are lost.  This is unfortunate, since most 
    of the time, the suggestions came out of some real situation and could help
    us prevent making the same mistake more than once.
    (b) keeping track of suggestions to AWI
    Keeping track of AWI suggestions is necessary for reasons mentioned in (a), but
    it is also important because we do want to make sure that AWI members' concerns
    are addressed in a systematic manner.
    (5) Writing the AWI Wednesday Update
    The GM manager is expected to issue a weekly brief report highliting the 
    main internal developments within AWI.  
    (6) Keeping track of all internal documents and making sure that they are
    available to the BOD or membership, whichever may be the case.  (This
    basically means making sure that the BODPage and AWI membership page
    are up to date).
    (7) Overseeing elections and referenda
    (8) Overseeing compliance of BOD and membership with bylaws
    (9) Keeping track of staffing activities
    Basically, make sure that in the members list, the name of a member who
    has a task or tasks assigned to him or her has that task(s) beside their
    name, so that we know who is responsible for what.

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