Start time: 11.15 am 
    End time: 2.15 pm
    	Ahmed Ahmed-Yahia  
    	Ahmed Bouzid 
    	Karim Diff : facilitator 
    	Myriam Nia:  scribe 
    Agenda: The following agenda was reviewed and adopted by all the attendees. 
    	* Review agenda meeting: 
    	* Share impressions /thoughts/feelings on letter project 
    		- Titles 
    		- Organizations 
    		- Letter on web 
    		- Coordinator's role with the new committee ( Ahmed's) 
    	* Discuss logistics of e-mail coordination, and in general, how to 
     	  make interaction between us more efficient and smoother. 
    	* Discuss issue of communicating with a-net 
    		- Karim's role as the group's spokesman in AN 
    		- Issues to avoid  
    	* Discuss Web site for AW 
    		- Feedback on the structure ( design of the web-page) 
    		- Deadline 
    	* Discuss definition of AW mission 
    	* Discuss September trip 
    	* Discuss Plan for next steps 
    ~~ Next teleconference meeting date is not fixed yet but the attendees   
       agreed on a possible meeting in August before the trip in September. 
    ~~ Details on the points proposed in the agenda: 
              ~Review agenda meeting: agenda has been reviewed in its proposed  
               form, and adopted by all the attendees. 
    ~~Share impressions /thoughts/feelings on letter project 
    	~The dissolution of the group: The attendees agreed on postponing the 
             dissolution of the drafting committee till July 6, 1997. No  
             announcement of  AW birth will be made on Algeria-net until AW  
             mission is well defined and completed. Karim was appointed to 
             respond privately to any AN-member's request on the future activities 
             of the drafting committee/group.    
    	~Titles: All attendees objected the idea of affixing titles to  
             signatures. The group's coordinator ( Ahmed) will keep the new  
             committee informed of this objection. 
    	~ New committee: all the attendees stressed the importance for the 
              new committee to look first for a consensus from the drafting  
              committee before making any decision on the letter or its  
              signature list. The group's coordinator ( Ahmed) will convey  
              the message to the new committee. 
    		--Political parties are excluded from the list of potential  
                      organizations to contact. 
    	  	--Organizations that are in doubt or those some netters were  
                      concerned about, will be investigated with the help of the  
                      netters themselves who will be asked to elaborate on the  
                      issue by giving more pertinent information, details in 
                      showing the problems.   
                    --Some organizations will be removed from the list because  
                      they don't deal  with human rights at all. 
    	        --Snail mail: Hamoudi agreed  to take care of  the snail mail: 
                      sending  the letter to the selected organizations on July  
                      5th ( post-office service). 
    	~Letter on the web: All attendees agreed to post/publish the letter  
             on the web pages and/or newspapers of the following organization:  
             Algeria-net, Hidjra, and AW. For that purpose Karim will e-mail or  
             get in touch with the concerned people in Switzerland, Smail Boua  
             for AN web page and Nacer Menad for Salam news. 
    ~~Discuss logistics of e-mail coordination, and in general, how to make  
      interaction between us more efficient and smoother. 
    	~ In order for the group to be more efficient in the way the work is  
              carried out, Ahmed proposed to have a coordinator within the  
              group itself to keep things on track by checking the information, 
              regulating its flow, and making it smoother between the members of 
              the group. All the attendees agreed on the idea and decided to assign 
              a coordinator on a weekly basis. Every  Friday night, a summary on  
              the activities of that week, and a sort of plan of actions for the  
              coming week will be posted to the group. Ahmed agreed to be the 
              coordinator for the week July 22-30, 1997.  
    	~ On a proposition from Ahmed and Karim, a standard form of subject 
              headings was adopted by the attendees to manage the e-communication 
              and e-mail between the attendees in a more efficient way. For each 
              topic or issue raised, the subject heading would remain the same  
              followed by a number which indicates the degree of importance or  
              emergency to reply to or read. The number 1 stands for " to read  
              right away", 2 stands for " can be read 24h from this time forward", 
              and 3 stands for "regular: you don't want to answer immediately". 
    	~ To have a better control on the tasks, every attendee agreed on  
              e-mailing his/her schedule to the rest of the group. A compilation 
              of all the schedules will be made in order to have an idea on who is 
              now on machine and who will be it later.  Hamoudi will be able to  
              send his schedule only at the end of June. 
    	~ Myriam mentioned that a new e-mail address is available for AW 
              as mmmouzao@mansci2.uwaterloo.ca. The matter of having AW as an 
              alias instead of mmmouzao, will be investigated. 
    ~~Discuss issue of communicating with a-net / new committee 
    	~ Ahmed is appointed Coordinator between the group and the new  
              committee for the letter. 
    	~ Karim is appointed Spokesman of the group when communicating with  
    	~ All the attendees agreed on not engaging in flamed political  
              exchanges on A-net 
    ~~ Discuss Web site for AW 
    	~July 6, 1997 is the fixed deadline to send the first draft of the  
             AW web-page. Feedback on the draft will be received by Myriam and  
             considered in designing the final version of the web page. 
    	~Minutes will be put in the internal part of AW web-page.  
    ~~ Discuss definition of AW mission 
    	~ Hamoudi suggested to formulate the "democracy concept" of AW on the 
              web page. All agreed 
    	~Karim proposed that every attendee writes his/her "vision" of what  
             the AW project is all about as well as how the current situation in  
             Algeria is perceived by everyone. All agreed to send this feedback  
             whenever the time allows it during the next two weeks.  
    	~Principles were proposed by Ahmed and debated among the attendees. 
             The main issue came in form of a question:  what is the  
             good position that AW should take to fulfill its mission while its  
             neutrality is preserved and its principles are respected ? The  
             attendees realized the complexity of the answer and how some aspects 
             in the mission can be ambiguous when they are thought to be simple. 
             For example denouncing the violence would it be in reference to the  
             law? or to the government? or just to the universal definition of the 
             human rights? no answer was provided since no consensus was reached  
             but all agreed that denouncing killings of innocent civilians  
             should be done explicitly even if the group is not able to find out  
             who is to blame for the killing. Remaining silent should be avoided 
             In the case where the authors of the killing are identified, the  
             reference sources should always be mentioned when denouncing. All  
             agreed. The Attendees decided to take more time to think about  
             the AW mission through the exercise/assignment proposed by Karim in 
             the previous point above and to finalize the mission text as  
             well as the charter's in their meeting in September. 
    	~ The human rights aspect that AW will deal with is not limited to  
              the Algerians in Algeria only but to the Algerians all over the  
              world therefore Asylum and persecution of Algerians outside Algeria 
              are considered in the AW mission. 
    	~ Karim's question on whether an AW member can be affiliated to a 
              political party, followed by Ahmed's question on What is the role  
              of an AW member, allowed the attendees to confirm once again  
              what it has already been debated before the teleconference meeting, 
              such as only the members of AW board should not be affiliated to any  
              political party. Concerning the role of a member, all agreed that  
              this will be defined later when the mission and charter of AW are  
    	~An other question raised by Ahmed: Can AW join a protest's action  
             initiated by an international organizations ? The attendees gave  
             all a positive answer emphasizing the importance of the action to  
             fit the AW mission. 
    	~ Karim stressed the importance of learning by doing and teaching  
              ourselves to acquire knowledge and information on the different  
              systems of Politics, Law, Economics etc. This approach will help  
              the group's strategy in long term and keep them informed of whe 
              the trade/political/economic agreements signed with Algeria. In  
              other terms what are the discussions about and what is going on in  
              Algeria. All agreed. 
    	~Women chapter: All agreed on the principle to set up the sub-chapter. 
    ~~ Discuss September trip 
    	~September 1st - weekend  was chosen as the date of the meeting. All 
             agreed to meet in Hamoudi's house, in Milwaukee. The work meeting  
             will take on Saturday and Sunday.  
    	~Hamoudi and Ahmed proposed to help Karim with the plane ticket's  
             cost. Karim will keep the group informed of the plane ticket's  
             price. Ahmed will probably fly too. Myriam will certainly drive if  
             the trip takes less than 10 hours. 
    ~~Discuss plan for next steps 
    	~A teleconference will be held in August before the trip in September. 
             The date will be fixed later. 
    ~~ Miscellaneous 
    	~ Building the AW library ---> start to think about it 
    	~ Setting a list of people of different qualifications ( lawyer,  
              economist, etc.) as potential information resources to help AW. 
    	~ How to register an association/organization? ---> any info is  
              welcome. Ahmed will bring also his book on the matter! 
    The teleconference was closed July 21, 1997, at  2.15 p.m. It lasted almost 
    3 hours.  

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