Minutes for November 2, 1997 teleconference.

    Minutes for November 2, 1997 teleconference.
    Present: Ahmed Ahmed-Yahia (moderator)
            Ahmed Bouzid (scribe)
            Karim Diff
            Myriam Nia
    Metting started 9:15 pm, and ended 11:20 pm.
    1 - Modifications requested on bylaws:
            - in case there are less than 4 candidates to the BOD.
            - specify that election to BOD is via straight plurality.
    2 - Agreed that the exact date of the yearly meeting should be left open.
    3 - Agree that applicants will furnish their name and their official addresses, with
    whatever else they may be willing to provide being optional.  Anonymous membership
    will not be accepted.
            - Ahmed will write up the membership application
            - Ahmed will write up a change of e-mail address form.
    4 - Agree that Hammoudi will be the point man for seeing through the paperwork for
    incorporation in Delaware.
    5 - Agreed that last bylaws draft will be submitted to AW by Ahmed on 11/3/97.
    6 - Agreed that on 11/7/97 we will decide on when to finalize AW formal incorporation.
    7 - Agreed to set the BOD elections for 11/3/98.
    8 - Agreed that Myriam will finish WEB page on 11/13/97.
    9 - Agreed that Ahmed will finalize the "short list" and send it to AW by 11/7/97
    10 - Agreed that Karim finalize the both "short list" and public announcements by
    11 - Agreed to announce to the "short list" on 11/16/97.
    12 - Agreed that public announcement will be made on  11/20/97.
    13 - Agreed that Karim will contact the "short list" and will make the public
    14 - Agreed that Karim will look over and finalize the labor division document by
    15 - Agreed that activities of AW until 12/8/97 will be confined to advertising.  No
    public statement will be issued.
    16 - Agreed that Hammoudi will open a bank account and a PO Box for AW.
    17 - Agreed that we will use Karim's office number for AW's official number.
    18 - The following absence dates were noted: Ahmed Bouzid: 11/21-12/08; Ahmed
    Ahmed-Yahia: 11/21-12/01; Myriam Nia: last week of December and the first 2 weeks of

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