Minutes of BOD regular bi-weekly meeting, January 11, 1998

    Minutes of BOD regular bi-weekly meeting, January 11, 1998 
    Next meeting: 7:00 pm EST, Sunday, January 25, 1998
            Ahmed Ahmed-Yahia
            Ahmed Bouzid (Scribe)
            Karim Diff
    Meeting started at 7:00 pm EST, and ended 9:15 pm EST
    Note that those tasks that have "Will" in front of them should be
    incorporated by Karim in his table of tasks.
    Agreed on the following:
            - Responds to AW-Germany, telling them that we
            are not interested in organizing petition drives,
            but that we would sign any petitions that are compatible
            with our mission
            - Calls Suzanne Kassem.
            - Drafts a short statement of support on the European Troika mission
            in Algeria.
            - Drops from bylaws the two requirements of Party and Government
            from the membership provisions
            - Adds to the by-laws the 2-weeks notice for BOD resignations.
            - Checks on taxes situation.
            - Send mail to Lamine about the cartoons.  Direct mail to AWI.
            - Contact Larbi and Djerroud.
            - Will issue a message to algeria-net every Monday.
            - Will update the tasks list every Friday.
            - Consolidates the list of AWI members
            - Calls Delaware about taxes.
            - Will note date of applicant's admitance to AWI and their
            official e-mail address.
            - Will do research on grant possibilities, bulk rate, or any
            financial advantages we can exploit for AWI.
            - Will keep trying to recruit people to tasks.
            - Will release a report to AWI every Wednesday.

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