Biweekly Update, February 19, 1998

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    February 19, 1998
    Dear Friends:
    Here is an update on the activities of Algeria Watch International
    during the past two weeks.
    * Actions
    We wrote to Senator Patrick Leahy ( D-Vermont) in reaction to the 
    letter he co-authored with 14 other members of the US Congress and 
    in which he urged the US administration to take steps towards stopping
    the bloodshed in Algeria. We also issued an action call encouraging 
    people to share their sentiments on the issue with Senator Leahy. 
    The letter and the action call can be viewed at the following URL:
    Following an information received through Algeria-net we have 
    established contact with the newly formed clinic on human rights at 
    the Law School of the University of California at Berkeley.
    We will relay further information on the subject as it becomes 
    * Web Site 
    Our web site includes new features such as an extensive list
    of addresses of embassies in Algeria. The list can be view
    at the following URL:
    * Membership
    We have had the honor of welcoming new members to AWI and our
    membership currently stands at 29. As always we welcome all
    volunteers willing to donate a little bit of their time to help
    reach the goals of AWI. To consult the list of members point 
    your browsers to the following URL:
    To view the various positions that remain unfulfilled go to
    In agreement with its bylaws Algeria Watch International
    will hold elections to choose a new board of directors before
    the end of the year.
    We hope this update will give you a fair idea of the on-going
    work at AWI and entice you to join us.
    Thank you,
    Karim Diff