Bi-weekly: January 19, 1998

    Algeria Watch International
    P.O.Box 27423
    West Allis, WI. 53227
    Tel: (414) 543-6534
    January 19, 1998
    Dear Friends:
    This is the first Biweekly update from Algeria Watch International.
    Since our first announcement, a little over a month ago, AWI's
    activities have steadily increased and we would like to keep
    you informed of these.
    * Contacts with US Congressman D. Kucinich ( D, Ohio):
    AWI has been contacted by the staff of Congressman Dennis Kucinich
    (Democrat from Ohio) to provide information on the situation in
    Algeria. The Congressman would like to initiate some action and
    we will keep you updated on any development as we receive them
    * Statement release to the Council of the European Union
    We posted today, on this forum, the text of a message addressed
    to the Council of the European Union relative to the Ministerial
    mission ("Troika" Mission) in Algeria. The statement was also
    delivered to various Human Rights organizations.
    * Contacts with algeria-watch ( Germany)
    As many of you know, there exist another organization, whose
    goals are very close to those of Algeria Watch International,
    named algeria-watch  and based in Germany. Our two organizations
    are currently exchanging information and exploring the
    possibilities of future common actions.
    * Requests for information
    The American Friends Service Committee ( a US Human rights
    organization that deals with refugees) and the FFS-Emigration
    have contacted AWI requesting more information about our work.
    * Improved web site
    For the convenience of our visitors we have upgraded the status
    of our web site and removed the advertisement that keeps popping up.
    This also gives us more space so we increase the content of our
    site. In addition we have a new feature available on the site:
    an extensive bibliography on Algeria available at
    More features will be added in the coming weeks so visit frequently.
    * Increased membership
    The membership of Algeria Watch International grows by the day.
    So far we have 23 members and we hope to keep adding more as
    there still are a lot of positions to fulfill and a look of work
    to do. To join just fill out the form at
    Here is the composition of the current AWI team:
    Achab, Abdenour  Field Officer, White House Monitor
    Ahmed-Yahia Ahmed BOD: Treasurer
    Alili Larbi
    Amrani, Yassine
    Besseghieur Adda
    Bohyn Koenraad
    Boughida Karim Executive Officer Archivist, and Builder of list of
    scholars in the US who are experts on Algeria.
    Bouzid Ahmed BOD: General field officer
    Diff Karim  BOD: President
    Djaziri Lamine Field Officer Books.
    Djerroud Beramtane
    Hannat Ali
    Haque, Hasibul
    Hassaine Omar Executive Officer AWI Newsletter.
    Henniche M'hammed Executive Officer Political Organizations.
    Khan Mustapha  Executive Officer Academia and field officer books.
    Mansour, Azzédine
    Mouloua Mouloud
    Mutton, Troy
    Oumerzouk Larbi  Field Officer, CNN Monitor
    Sennour Larbi
    As always, do not hesitate to get in touch with AWI if you
    have any questions. Remember also that we are always in need
    of volunteers willing to donate a little bit of their time
    for a worthy cause: Algeria.
    Karim Diff