Chronology of events since 1991

    1991, June 2 - Thousands of 'fundamentalists',  demonstrating in Algiers and 
    calling for an Islamic state, were dispersed by police using tear gas.  Any 
    casualties are unknown. Two hours after these clashes, President Chadli 
    Benjedid gave a speech where he stated the government would ensure conditions 
    were right for a vote.  [910603.reu]
    1991, June 2 - 5 police were injured and 6 demonstrators arrested following 
    clashes between police and demonstrators in the town of EL-TARF.  [910603.reu]
    1991, June 3 - Clashes were reported in central ALGIERS between riot police 
    and "'Moslem' fundamentalists". Police fired tear gas and used water cannons 
    against the demonstrators, who were throwing stones. Any casualties are 
    unknown. [910603.reu]
    1991, June 3/4? - more than 600 people were injured when police conducted a 
    raid on sleeping FIS demonstrators overnight. [910604.reu]
    1991, June 5 - President Chadli Benjedid announced a state of siege with 
    emergency regulations  following an FIS call for a general strike beginning 
    May 25. at least 5 connected civilian deaths preceded this announcement. [MDE 
    1991, June (last week) - at least 18 civilian deaths reported following 
    clashes between security forces and demonstrators, some of which had 
    reportedly used violence and firearms. [MDE 28/WU01/91]
    1991, June 30- July 9 - over 6000 arrested in connection with political 
    unrest. Many of the arrested have been charged with disturbing public order 
    and armed assembly, and remain in garde a vue detention (official figures) 
    [MDE 28/WU01/91]
    1991, July 4 - Abbasi Madani and Ali Belhadj, two FIS leaders, were brought 
    before the juge d'instruction of the Military Tribunal of BLIDA, and charged 
    with having "fomented, organised, launched and led an armed conspiracy against 
    state security" [MDE 28/WU01/91]
    1992, Jan. (mid)- Feb. 13 - Over 1000 people arrested, including FIS leaders 
    and supporters. Many have been charged with incitement to rebellion and 
    sentenced to up to 6 months imprisonment. Some of the detained allege that 
    they have been tortured, beaten-up or otherwise ill-treated while in custody. 
    [MDE 28/WU01/92]
    1992, Jan. (late)- Feb. (early) - 70 killed and about 500 injured , most of 
    them in clashes with the security forces. At least 12 members of the security 
    forces have been shot or stabbed to death by reported FIS supporters. (little 
    detail) [MDE 28/WU01/92]
    1992, February 9 - State of Emergency imposed.
    1992, February 21 - Over 5000 supporters of Islamic groups were detained in 
    internment camp, according to statements made by Ali Harun, the Algerian Human 
    Rights Minister and a member of the High Council of State. Most of the 
    detained are being held for questioning at the camps of Ould Fayet, Blida, 
    Oran and Ain M'lila. At least 2 desert camps are in use , WARGLE (housing 
    detainees from eastern Algeria) and REGGANE (A 1950's French nuclear testing 
    site, and housing detainees from central Algeria) . All those detained are 
    men. Most are FIS supporters, although some supporters of al-Nahda are 
    reportedly among the detained. The Algerian authorities have stated that 
    within 10 days, families and lawyers can visit. [MDE 28/WU02/92]
    1992, March 12 - According to figures given to an Amnesty International 
    delegation by the Ministry of the Interior, 6786 people were being 
    administratively detained in 5 camps in the Sahara, between 800 and 3000 km 
    from Algiers. 2 other camps have since been opened and hundreds of detainees 
    moved to these camps. 6 regional appeal committees are being set up so that 
    detainees can appeal their detention.  [MDE 28/WU04/92]
    1992, May 4 - 61 people were tried, including 7 in absentia, in connection 
    with an attack on a border post in GUEMMAR, near the Tunisian border, in 
    November 1991. During the attack 3 post defenders were killed. 13 of those 
    tried, including 1 person sentenced in absentia, were sentenced to death. The 
    charges brought against them included plotting against state security, forming 
    an armed band, theft of weapons and ammunitions, murder and crimes against the 
    authority of the state. [MDE 28/02/92] (see also 14th January, 1993)
    1992, May 6 - 3 men  sentenced to death by the military court in BLIDA in 
    connection with the attack on the Navy Headquarters (the Amiraute) in Algiers 
    in Febraru 1992, in which 10 people died.  The death sentences on Noureddine 
    Rahmoune and Ahmed Fodhil was upheld by the Supreme Court in October 1992. 
    [MDE 28/03/92, 28/06/92] (see also 11 January 1993)
    1992, June 29 - Mohamed Boudiaf (former President) shot dead by a member of 
    the security forces while chairing a meeting in ANNABA. [970326_1.afp, AI 
    Annual Report '93]
    1992, August 26 - 9 killed and 120 injured when a bomb exploded in Algiers 
    airport. [MDE 28/08/93] (see also 26 May, 1993)
    1992, October 9 - Nadir Hammoudi, a 27 year old architect, was arrested at his 
    home at 2 am by several armed members of the security forces who did not 
    present a warrant, and subsequently "disappeared". His family have been unable 
    to obtain any information on his whereabouts or reason for detention, despite 
    appeals to the authorities. His family is concerned for his health, as he is 
    asthmatic and was not allowed to take his medication with him at the time of 
    his arrest. [MDE 28/07/92] (see also 7 November 1992)
    1992, November 7 - Nadir Hammoudi, arrested on 9/10/92, was brought before the 
    investigating judge, after being held in illegally prolonged incommunicado 
    garde a vue detention for 29 days. He was reportedly tortured and otherwise 
    ill-treated during this period. He is reported to be able to now receive 
    visits from his lawyer and family. [MDE 28/08/92]
    1992, November 29 - Ahmed Bentchikou, a 21 year old builders merchant, 
    "disappeared" after being summoned, along with his 4 older brothers, to the 
    Central Police Station (Commissariat Central) at 9 am. His brothers were 
    allowed to leave, but as at 22/12/92, Ahmed was still unaccounted for.   [MDE 
    28/09/92] (see also 26 December 1992)
    1992, December 19 - Djamaleddine Hamadi, a 30 year old teacher, was arrested 
    by armed members of the security forces wearing hoods after they forced their 
    way into his home at 2330 hours. The men showed no warrant for his arrest, and 
    took him away after searching his house. His family have received no 
    information in response to where he is being held or why, despite appeals to 
    the authorities.  [MDE 28/01/93] (see also 12 January 1993)
    1992, December 26 - Ahmed Bentchikou, arrested 29/11/92, was moved to SERKADJI 
    prison, where he can now receive family visits. His family say he appears to 
    be in good health. [MDE 28/10/92]
    1994, February 28 - Katia Bengana, a 17 year old high-school student, and a 
    friend of hers from school, were shot dead. It appears that Katia was shot 
    dead for refusing to wear the hidjab as she had received death threats for not 
    wearing it. They were shot in BLIDA. The GIA is widely believed responsible, 
    but it is unclear. [MDE 28/WU02/97]
    1994, March 12 - 9 students and their teacher were arrested by security forces 
    after returning home on leave from their training courses. The families of the 
    arrested were told that their sons would be released soon. A month later, the 
    families were told that the detainees had been released, but immediately 
    killed by "terrorists". The families were given the bodies in sealed coffins, 
    and some families opened these coffins to find the bodies bruised and wounded. 
    [MDE 28/WU02/94] 
    1994, March 19 - About 20 people were extrajudicially executed by security 
    forces in OUEDFODA, following their arrest. It appears that the arrests and 
    killings are in connection with the mass jailbreak from Tazlout Prison. [MDE 
    1994, March 21 - 2 killed, 3 seriously injured when an armed group entered the 
    premises of the newspaper Hebdo Libere, and opened fire on those present. 
    Majid Yasef and Rachid Benhaddou, a cameraman and chauffeur for the paper, 
    were killed. The injured included the brother of the director of the 
    newspaper, and a 20 year old woman. [MDE 28/WU02/94]
    1994, April 17 - Brahim Benghanem, a lawyer, was killed by suspected 'Islamic' 
    militants. (no detail) [MDE 28/WU03/94]
    1994, April 25 - Abdelkader Halouane arrested and held in prolonged garde a 
    vue detention, for 53 days. In this time he was tortured and ill-treated. On 
    July 18, 1995, he was sentenced to death for "terrorist" activities (see 
    below) [MDE 28/07/95]
    1994, May 14 - Laid Grine, a lawyer, was killed by suspected 'Islamic' 
    militants. (no detail) [MDE 28/WU03/94]
    1994, May 21 - Saadi Belghoul, a lawyer, was killed by suspected 'Islamic' 
    militants. (no detail) [MDE 28/WU03/94]
    1994, June 16 - 3 killed when an armed Islamist group knifed the wife and 2 
    children of a retired gendarmerie to death (location unknown) [MDE 28/WU04/94]
    1994, June 18 - Yousef Fethallah, president of the Algerian League of Human 
    Rights (LADH), shot dead in his office building by unknown gunmen who managed 
    to escape the building. [MDE 28/WU03/94, and the Times, in The Australian, 
    26/10/94, p.10]
    1994, June ? - Ferhat Cherkit was shot dead by an armed 'Islamist' group. (no 
    details) [MDE 28/WU04/94]
    1994, June- July - Said Moulay, a University mathematics professor, was 
    secretly detained by the security forces. During this time he was tortured 
    with the "chiffon" method , beaten with rubber hoses and sticks, and was 
    kicked and punched. [MDE 28/WU04/94]
    1994, August 16? - 2 army vehicles ambushed by an armed 'Islamist' group. [MDE 
    1994, August 16 - 20 people shot dead by Security forces outside their homes 
    in ALGIERS , reportedly after an armed 'Islamic' group ambushed 2 army 
    vehicles [see above]. [MDE 28/WU04/94 and the Times, quoting AI, in The 
    Australian, 26/10/94, p. 10] 
    1994, September 27? - A singer was killed in ORAN. He? is the first singer to 
    be targeted. (date unclear ) [941011.upi]
    1994, October 1 - Maatoub Lounes, a Berber singer, was kidnapped. He is the 
    second singer to be targeted. [941011.upi]
    1994, October 2 - Roger Maniere kidnapped in METFIA, south east of Algiers. 
    1994, October 5 - Hosni Chekroune, (aka Cheb Hasni) a 26 year old Rai 
    musician, was shot dead, four days after Maatoub Lounes' abduction. "The first 
    singer known to be a victim" [941011_1.reu]
    1994, October 5-6 - 4 killed - a teacher, a photographer, and 2 policemen - 
    and 1 lawyer seriously injured in four attacks in ALGIERS. [941006.rfi]
    1994, October 5-6 - 5 "terrorists" killed in M'SILA and OUM EL-BOUAGHI in an 
    army operation. (little detail) []
    1994, October 6 - Since the beginning of summer, 610 educational 
    establishments have been sabotaged or set on fire by 'Islamist' groups 
    according to official sources. [941006.rfi]
    1994, October 6 - "An Algerian teacher of Iraqi origin was killed this morning 
    at the entrance to the lycee where he worked" in TAHER, east of Algiers. 
    1994, October 6? - 2 bodies found in SIDI DAOUD in Boumerdes province by 
    security forces. They were identified as being Ksous Hakim and Lagab Brahim, 
    who "were assassinated by a 'terrorist' gang". (Algerian Radio, 8/10/94) (date 
    unclear) []
    1994, October 6-9 - 25 "terrorists" killed in Skikda, Medea, Bouira, Chlef, 
    Boufarik, and El Harrach. (Algerian Radio) (no detail) []
    1994, October 8 - Roger Maniere's body found by security forces with his 
    throat cut. He was the 18th French casualty of the war. []
    1994, October 8 - Ahcene Benyounes, the manager of a state-run textile mill 
    was shot at as he drove home from his factory at SIDI MOUSSA, late on 
    Saturday.  He survived the assassination attempt. (El Watan) [941009.afp]
    1994, October 8 - Nourredine Chenoun, a 28 year old official for the Algerian 
    justice ministry, was "gunned down" in HUSSEIN DEY, Algiers. (Press Reports) 
    1994, October 9 - 5 "terrorists" killed. 2 in Ma'alma, Tipaza. 1 in Berda, 
    Bouira. 2 in Chetia, Chlef. (Algerian Radio) (no detail) []
    1994, October 9 - 50,000 people demonstrate demanding the freedom of the 
    Berber singer, Maatoub Lounes. [941011.upi]
    1994, October 9 - Redouane Kermal, a 55 year old police officer, was killed by 
    "suspected 'Islamic' fundamentalists" in ALGIERS. (Press Reports) [971010.afp]
    1994, October 10 - Maatoub Lounes released "late Monday" in TIZI-OUZOU. 
    [941011.upi] He said he had been sentenced to death by the GIA "for [his] 
    songs and [his] declarations to the... press" (TF1 TV- France) [941011_1.reu]
    1994, October 10 - Mariam Togora, a 12 year old Malian schoolgirl, was stabbed 
    to death "by several attackers" who broke into the home of the diplomat where 
    she was staying. [941011.reu]
    1994, October 10 - Roger Merle, a 62 year old technical director of a company 
    installing satellite television dishes, was "gunned down" by "suspected 
    'Islamic' extremists" in ALGIERS, as he drove home from work.  He was the 
    19th French citizen to die, and the 63rd foreigner to be killed. 
    1994, October 10 - 1 "terrorist", Taiba Belkacem (aka Noureddine), who is 
    believed responsible for many assassinations in Algiers, was "eliminated" in 
    BELCOURT, Algiers. (Algerian Radio) (little detail) []
    1994, October 11 - 12 "terrorists" killed by security forces. 3 "terrorists" 
    arrested. 4 "terrorists" were killed near BATNA, 4 near BLIDA and 3 in SOUMAA. 
    (Algerian Radio) [941012_1.dpa]
    1994, October 12 - 2 men shot dead by security forces as they ran from the 
    scene of a bombing in the GARIDI district, Kouba quarter. Their accomplice was 
    killed in a blast in a shopping area. (APS) [941012.dpa]
    1994, October 12 - 1 person slightly injured as a car-bomb exploded "a few 
    metres from the main entrance to Algiers University" (APS) Witnesses said 2 
    were injured. The explosion happened as teachers and students were on their 
    way to lectures. [941012.dpa]
    1994, October 12 - 1 injured in an explosion near the Justice ministry, EL 
    BIAR district. (no detail) [941012.dpa]
    1994, October 12 - Blasts reported near a girls school in the BEN AKNOUN 
    quarter and near a petrol station in BIRKHADEM. [941012.dpa]
    1994, October 12 - Leader of a group with links to Hamas killed in Algeria 
    (Algerian TV) (no detail) [941012.dpa]
    1994, October 12 - Lahcen Bensaadalah, second deputy chairman of Irshad wal 
    Islah (Guidance and Reform) Association, was killed outside his home on the 
    HAL EL BADR estate. (Algerian TV) (no detail) [941012.dpa]
    1994, October 12 - "five car bombs in Algiers and the war's 64th foreign 
    victim, a South Korean" reported. [941014.iht]
    1994, October 12 - 2 men arrested in connection with the building of the bombs 
    detonated on the 12/10/94. (Algerian Radio) [941012_1.dpa]
    1994, November 12 - Abdelkrim Mammeri, a clerk at the Ministry of Justice, was 
    taken from his home in ALGIERS at 1 am by 4 men, 2 in military poolice 
    uniforms, and 2 in civilian clothes. They reportedly ill-treated members of 
    his family, searched his house and took money before leaving with him. He has 
    not been seen since his arrest, and his whereabouts and legal status are 
    unknown. [MDE 28/13/94] (see also 12 December 1994)
    1994, November 14-15 - ?? killed by the security forces in a mutiny in 
    BERROUAGHIA prison. (no detail) [MDE 28/WU03/95]
    1994, December 3 - Said Mekbel, editor in chief of Le Matin, was assassinated.  
    The GIA claimed responsibility (no details) [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1994, December 12 - Abdelkrim Mammeri, arrested on 12 November 1994, was 
    brought before a magistrate after 31 days of being held in incommunicado garde 
    a vue detention. He is currently being detained in EL-HARRACH prison on 
    charges of belonging to an armed group. [MDE 28/14/94]
    1995, January 6 - Zineddine Aliou Saleh, investigative reporter for Liberte, 
    was shot and killed by unidentified gunmen as he left his home in BLIDA in the 
    late morning. His name had been displayed on 'death lists' in some mosques in 
    Blida. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, January 6 - Ali Abboud, editor-in-chief of Radio Chaine 1, was shot in 
    the head by unidentified assailants near his home in BIRKHADEM, southern 
    Algiers. he died the next day in military hospital. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, January 12 - Abdelhamid Yahiaoui, a copyeditor of El Chaah, was abducted 
    as he left his home in BARAKI. His body was found the next day, with 2 bullet 
    wounds to the head. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, January 14 - 15 masked policemen raided the home of Mohamed Zaaf, a 
    stringer for the Italian wire service, ANSA, and his wife, and arrested him 
    for allegedly harbouring a suspected Muslim guerrilla. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, January 23 - Mohamed Rebah, journalist for the Alger Republican, was 
    shot and seriously wounded when shot in the chest and arm in SURCOUF, east of 
    Algiers. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, February 1 - Nacer Ouari, a journalist for ENTV, was killed near his 
    home in SIDI MOUSSA. (little detail) [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, February 13 - Hamid Aberkane, a journalist with El Moudjahid, had his 
    car sprayed with gunfire by 5 gunmen while he drove to work. The GIA claimed 
    responsibility for this attack. (location unknown) [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, February 17 - Djamel Ziater, a reporter for El Djoumhouria, was shot to 
    death while visiting his mother's grave at the GDIEL cemetery, 20 km outside 
    ORAN. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, February 22-23 - 96 detainees and 4 prison guards were killed in a 
    mutiny at SERKADJI prison according to official figures. [MDE 28/WU03/95]
    1995, March 20 - Houriya and Rachida Hammadi , respectively, a secretary for, 
    and a journalist for ENTV, were shot at by unknown gunmen while waiting to be 
    picked up outside their parents house in Algiers. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, March 21 - Ali Boukerbache, the owner of Media-TV and a former 
    journalist for El Djoumhouria, was shot to death in his car at an intersection 
    between DERGANA and ROUIBA, 20 km East of Algiers. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, March 27 - Mohamed Abderrahmani, director of El Djoumhouria, was killed 
    by unidentified assailants who sprayed his car with gunfire when he stopped at 
    a set of traffic lights on his way to work. He died before arriving at 
    hospital. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, April 4 - Meklouf Boukzer, a sports commentator for ENTV, was found in 
    the trunk of his car with his throat cut, near his home in CONSTANTINE. 
    Reports suggested that the night before, men disguised as policemen went to 
    his house and ordered him to go with them. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, April 8 - Mohamed Benmarksi, a taxi driver who had worked with a number 
    of foreign journalists, was arrested and taken from his home at around 2 am by 
    members of the security forces who presented themselves as "journalists" . 
    His family have been unable to obtain any information regarding his 
    whereabouts or reasons for continued detention. [MDE 28/02/95]
    1995, May 6 - Djamel Fahassi, a reporter for Alger Chaine III, has 
    "disappeared" after being arrested by security forces near his home in the EL-
    HARRACHE district of Algiers . His family have been unable to obtain any 
    information as to his whereabouts or continued reason for detention, for 
    nearly 3 months. [MDE 28/06/95, CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, May 15 - Azzedine Saidj, a former editor-in-chief of El Ouma, was found 
    dead in his car, about 15 km east of Algiers, with his throat slit. In 
    November 1994, the Interior Ministry had suspended his paper for 1 month. El 
    Ouma had gone out of business in March 1995. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, May 21 - Malika Sabour, a reporter for Echourouk al-Arabi, was shot to 
    death in the early morning at her home in REGHAIA. 3 men wearing masks and 
    police uniforms entered the Sabour family home, claiming they were there to 
    check documents, and then gunned her down in front of her parents and other 
    family members. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, May 22 - Bakhti Benaouda, a professor of Arabic at Oran University, was 
    shot to death by unknown assailants in the evening in the DELMONTE quarter of 
    Oran. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, May 27 - Mourad Hmaizi, a reporter for ENTV was shot and killed by 
    unidentified gunmen as he was getting out of his car in front of his home in 
    BARAKI. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, June 3 - Lembarek Boumaarafi was sentenced to death by the ALGIERS 
    Criminal Court, on charges of killing President Mohamed Boudiaf at a public 
    meeting on 29 June 1992. Boumaarafi had been arrested a few hours after the 
    meeting.  His trial had begun on 16 May 1995, and had reportedly violated 
    international standards for a fair trial.  [MDE 28/03/95] (see also 27 March 
    1995, June 11 - Saghir Bouhadida, assistant lecturer at the Institute of 
    Social Sciences and the Institute of Information and Communication in Algiers 
    and former contributor for El-Khabar, was arrested along with two students in 
    the CHEVALIER district of Algiers at about 7 pm, while on his way home from 
    work. The two students were released after three days of being held 
    blindfolded in an unknown location (14/6/95). Saghir Bouhadida has 
    "disappeared". [MDE 28/10/95, CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, June 18 - Ahmed Takouchet , a journalist with Radio Cirta, was 
    kidnapped from his home (in Constantine?) by 4 men, and found the next day 
    with his throat slit. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, July 11 - 3 people, Abdelbaki Sahraoui, an 85 year old founding member 
    of the FIS, an Immam of a Paris mosque, and a civilian who tried to intervene, 
    were shot dead by a group of unidentified gunmen. (location unclear) [MDE 
    1995, July 18 - 3 men sentenced to death by the court of TIZI-OUZOU on charges 
    of murder and other "terrorist" activities on behalf of armed groups. The 
    men's names are Abdelkader Halouane , Mustapha Rahmouni and Sadok 
    Boukeddache . Their trial reportedly took place in camera. The court failed 
    to investigate the claims of torture and ill-treatment. [MDE 28/07/95]
    1995, July 23 - Mohamed Berbar was sentenced to death by the court of TIZI-
    OUZOU on charges of "terrorist" activities on behalf of armed groups. he was 
    acquitted of charges of murder. [MDE 28/07/95]
    1995, August 2 - Naima Hammouda, a reporter for the Revolution Africaine, was 
    shot to death. Her body was so disfigured that she wasn't correctly identified 
    until 11 August . Her body was found outside her apartment building in 
    SAOULA. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, August 11 - 11 civilians killed when a car bomb exploded on the main 
    road leading to BOUFARIK. [MDE 28/10/95]
    1995, August 13 - at least 7 people killed by a bomb that exploded on a train 
    near MEDEA. [MDE 28/10/95]
    1995, August 19 - 9 women, mnost of them wives of communal guards (self-
    defence groups, 'Patriots') were killed in GRAREM, eastern Algeria, by 
    suspected 'Islamic' militants. 6 of those killed were decapitated. [MDE 
    1995, August 20 - Ameur Ouagueni, the head of the international news 
    department at Le Matin, was shot outside his home in Algiers. he died in 
    hospital later that night. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, September 3 - Said Tazrout, Tizi-Ouzou bureau chief for Le Matin, was 
    shot to death by two unknown gunmen outside his home in Tizi-Ouzou. [CPJ 1995 
    1995, September 4 - Yasmina Brikh, a journalist for government run radio, was 
    shot and killed near her home in the EUCALYPTUS section of Algiers. [CPJ 1995 
    1995, September 4 - Brahim Guaraoui, a journalist and cartoonist for El 
    Moudjahid, was kidnapped and killed. His body was found near his home in the 
    EUCALYPTUS section of Algiers. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, September 6 - Omar Guerouri, an ENTV technician, was killed when a car-
    bomb went off near a TV transmitter in the EUCALYPTUS section of Algiers. [CPJ 
    1995 A.R.]
    1995, September 9 - Said Brahimi, a journalist with ENTV, and Radja Brahimi, 
    an administrative assistant at ENTV, were gunned down in their car in the town 
    of CHERDANA. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, October 3 - Omar Ouartilan, editor in chief of El-Khabar, was shot to 
    death at a newsstand near his home in the BELCOURT district of Algiers, on his 
    way to work at the nearby Maison de la Presse Tahar Djaout. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, October 14 - Abdelwahab Sadaoui, director of El-Chaab, was kidnapped 
    outside his home, south of Algiers and killed. His body was discovered by 
    security forces the next day. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, October 17 - Saida Djebaili, a journalist with Al Hayat al-Arabia, and 
    Mustapha Lazar, her driver, were shot dead in Algiers with automatic weapons 
    while driving home from work.  [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, October 29 - 6 killed, 83 injured in a bomb explosion in a suburban 
    area, east of Algiers. (no detail) [AP via Amnesty International photograph]
    1995, December 1? - over 600 detainees released from the desert camp of AIN 
    M'GUEL, where they had been detained without charge or trial since 1992. [MDE 
    1995, December 2 - Hamid Mahiout, a reporter for Liberte, and Ahmed 
    Belkhefellah, her driver, were kidnapped and killed by unknown assailants. 
    Their bodies were found the following morning in the suburb of RAIS HAMIDOU. 
    Their bodies had been decapitated, their heads impaled on spikes and each put 
    on the other's body. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, December 5 - Khadija Dahmani, a reporter for Echourouk al-Arabi, was 
    shot dead at a bus stop near her home in BARAKI. [CPJ 1995 A.R.]
    1995, December 20 - Mustapha Belkacem, a producer with ENTV, was kidnapped in 
    BARAKI. His body was found the next day with his throat cut. [CPJ 1995 A.R]

    1996, February 2 - 11 killed in DAHIA AL GUALB. The village was attacked 1 
    hour before sunset, and those killed were all members of the same family. The 
    victims all had their throats cut. (Al-Khabar) [afrinews.1_h]
    1996, March 27 - 7 monks abducted from their monastery at TIBEHIRINE, 100 km 
    southwest of Algiers. [960605.ccf]
    1996, April 3 - 4 "guerrillas" shot dead in Central Algiers in a gun battle 
    with security forces. (no detail) [afrinews.2_l]
    1996, April 16 - 6 "guerrillas" shot dead in BAB EL OUED when Security Forces 
    'stormed' their hideout. (no detail) [afrinews.2_l]
    1996, May 8 - 7 "rebels" killed in the CHERAGA, DRARIA and BIRKHADEM districts 
    of Algiers, in a coordinated attack by security forces. [junewp96.afi]
    1996, May 24 - 7 monks found dead with throats cut.
    1996, May ?? - 16 militants, reportedly including Mohamed Brahimi, the leader 
    of F.I.D.A., were killed in a raid in the southern suburbs of ALGIERS.
    1996, June 21 - 2 killed in SEMMAR, a south east suburb of Algiers. The two 
    killed were Rabah Ayache and Rachid Boukha - leaders of the National 
    Association for the Children of the Mujahideen (ONEM), a veterans 
    organisation. They was assassinated as they left one of their homes, according 
    to the Al-Khabar. [july96.afi]
    1996, July 13-14 - 128 "Islamic militants" sentenced to death in absentia by a 
    court in BOUIRA. 67 others were sentenced to life in absentia. (APS via AFP) 
    Those sentenced had been charged with terrorism, murder and membership of 
    armed groups. The trials had begun on April 20, 1996, and ended this weekend. 
    [AFP in the Australian, 16/7/96, p. 6]
    1996, July 16 - The GIA announced on the 27/7/96 that their "emir", Djemal 
    Ztiouni was killed today. (no details) [algeria.icl] 
    1996, July 31 - Rachid Mesli, a human rights lawyer, was abducted from the 
    ROUIBA area on the outskirts of Algiers, at about 1930 hours. He was 
    reportedly in his car with his 5 year old son, and brother-in-law, when he was 
    stopped by 4 armed men in civilian clothes carrying walkie-talkies. The men 
    reportedly asked the occupant of the car to look away, while they 
    "disappeared" Rachid Mesli. His family have been unable to obtain any 
    information about his whereabouts from the local Police and Gendarmerie. [MDE 
    28/08/96] (see also 10 August, 1996)
    1996, August 10 - Rachid Mesli, "disappeared" on the 31/7/96, was taken before 
    the examining magistrate and accused of having links with armed groups. He is 
    imprisoned in the EL-HARRACHE prison in Algiers. In the office of the 
    magistrate, Rachid's had bruises on his right eye and hand, and looked in a 
    poor condition. his family has been unable to visit him. [MDE 28/09/96] (see 
    also 13 August, 1996)
    1996, August 12 - 1 journalist and his brother killed in Algiers suburb of 
    BEAU FRAISIER. Shot by unidentified gunmen. [960813.cpj]
    1996, August 13 - Rachid Mesli, "disappeared" on the 31/7/96, is allowed 
    visits from his lawyers, and is expected to be able to receive family visits 
    soon. He was reportedly beaten and ill-treated during the first few days of 
    his secret, unacknowledged detention. [MDE 28/10/96]
    1996, August 15 - 17 killed on a road 200 km south of Algiers. [960829.ans]
    1996, August 15  - 1 man killed in southern suburbs of Algiers. [960819.voa]
    1996, August 17 - 63 people killed at roadblock on road south east of Algiers. 
    they were heading towards BATNA from M'SILA. 100 militants were reported to be 
    at the road block. The victims had their throats cut. [960819.voa, 960829.ans]
    1996, August 23 - 5 killed in marketplace bombing in the town of TIPAZA, 100 
    km west of Algiers. [960823.voa]
    1996, September 3 - At least 1 killed, 10 injured in car bombing in CENTRAL 
    ALGIERS. The bomb destroyed the hotel. [960903.voa]
    1996, September 4 - 18 bus passengers were killed at a fake roadblock near the 
    border with TUNISIA. The victims had their throats cut. (little detail) 
    1996, September 6 - 12 bus passengers were killed at a fake roadblock in 
    GHARDAYA. (no detail) [980103.ap]
    1996, September 21-22 - At least 3 killed in car bombs in "2 other Algerian 
    towns" [960927.voa]
    1996, September 26 - 1 killed, 10 injured in car bombing in the eastern town 
    of THENIA. [960927.voa]
    1996, September 27 - At least 7 killed in bombing near the central market in 
    BOUFARIK, 20 km south of Algiers. [960927.voa] Later casualty figures, 27 
    killed, at least 80 injured [961026.ans]
    1996, October 8 - 38 people killed at a false checkpoint near LAGHAOUAT, near 
    gasfields in the South of Algeria. [961026.ans]
    1996, October 15 - 3 killed, 13 injured in bombing in LAKHDARIA district, 
    southeast of Algiers. [961026.ans]
    1996, October 15 - Hamoi Mokrane, journalist, shot dead in ALGIERS. 
    1996, October 16 - 3 killed, 10 injured in railway bombing near town of BLIDA, 
    50 km south of Algiers. [961026.ans]
    1996, October 18 - 4 killed, 16 injured in bombing in BLIDA [961026.ans]
    1996, November 2/3 - 13 killed in SIDI KEBIR (location unclear) . Victims had 
    throats cut. [961106.voa]
    1996, November 6 - 31  killed in SIDI KEBIR. Victims had throats cut. 
    [961106.voa] Among those killed were a newly married couple, and 10 women. 
    1996, November 10 - 10 killed, more than 20 injured in car-bomb explosion 
    outside school in the Algiers suburb of BIKHADEM.
    1996, November 13 - 12 killed in the village of BENSALA, near BLIDA. Victims 
    had throats cut. 10 were from the one family. 1 killed was a 'patriot'. 
    [961118.ans] 4 women and 3 children were among those killed. [970723_1.reu] 
    The village was attacked by "some 15 members of the ... GIA" at about 1 am.. 
    [AFP as in the Courier Mail, 96/11/15, p. 14]
    1996, November 13 - 18 killed in 2 raids in MEDEA province. (no detail) 
    1996, November 24 - 5 killed, 15 injured in car-bombing in the central square 
    of BLIDA. [961124.voa]
    1996, November 25 - 1 killed, 13 injured in explosion near a hospital south of 
    Algiers. (location unclear). [961127.voa]
    1996, November 27 - The army shelled mountains near BLIDA. [Reuters and AFP in 
    the Weekend Australian, 30/11/96, p. 14]
    1996, November 28 - 1 killed when a "suspected fundamentalist" was shot dead 
    by security forces close to Algiers' main post office. An AFP correspondent 
    saw the man's body in a car, "with a gaping wound in the head" [Reuters and 
    AFP in the Weekend Australian, 30/11/96, p. 14]
    1996, November 28 - 5 killed in an explosion at a cafe, south of Algiers. 
    (location unclear) [961129.voa]
    1996, November 29 - Voting begins in a referendum to change the county's 
    constitution to not allow parties based on religion or ethnic/ language 
    groups. the referendum gets passed.
    1996, December 4 - 10 killed in an attack on a farm in the province of BLIDA. 
    (no detail) [961205.voa]
    1996, December 5 - 19 killed in an attack on BENACHOUR, Blida. The victims had 
    their throats cut and were mutilated. [961206.voa & 970406_1.afp]
    1996, December 8 - 8 killed in an attack on a village close to ALGIERS. The 
    victims had their throats cut. (location unclear) [961211_1.voa]
    1996, December 9 - 1 killed, several injured in a car-bomb attack on "another 
    town" (location details quoted) [961211_1.voa]
    1996, December 11 - 20 killed when militants stopped a bus in the province of 
    BLIDA (no detail) [961211_1.voa]
    1996, December 17 - 2 "extremists", including Brahim Kadi (the head of a 
    group), in Algiers. (no details) [afrinews.10h]
    1996, December 20 - 5 killed, 3 wounded in two attacks in the Kasbah region of 
    Algiers. In the first attack, 2 were killed, 3 wounded when a group of men 
    opened fire upon a group of adolescents in "broad daylight in one of the 
    busiest streets in the Kasbah area... moments later they killed 3 young men... 
    strangers to the district" [AFP in the Australian, 24/12/96, p.9]
    1996, December 20? - 7 "suspected rebels" killed by government troops in the 
    area of KHAZROUNA, Blida. (no details) [AFP in the Australian, 24/12/96, p.9]
    1996, December 21 - ? killed or injured in a bomb explosion outside a high 
    school. (no detail at all) [961223.voa]
    1996, December 23 - 3 dead, 70 wounded in a car bombing at a cafe in ALGIERS. 
    [961226.voa] This bombing is suspected to be in retaliation for the killing of 
    7 "rebels" by the government on the 20?th of December.
    1996, December 26 - at least 7 killed, 70 wounded in car-bombing in HUSSEIN 
    DEY neighbourhood of ALGIERS. It occurred near a cultural centre and a police 
    station. [961226.voa]
    1996, December 29 - at least 28  killed in a massacre in the village of AIN 
    DELFA, south west of Algiers. [961229.voa & 970406_1.afp]
    1996, December 29 - ??killed/ injured when a car-bomb exploded near a cafe in 
    EL HARRACH, a suburb of Algiers. [961229.voa]
    1996, December ?? - 3 "fundamentalists" shot dead by security forces after 
    "hijacking a car from a civilian and [trying] to flee before being chased by 
    state forces" (Date unclear, it happened on a Monday) [afrinews.10]
    1998, January 2 - 7 killed at a fake roadblock between BEAU FRAISIER and 
    BOUZAREAH,  Algiers, just after sunset. 4 of the victims were shot and 3 were 
    abducted. The abducted people's bodies were found with cut throats on the 
    3/1/98. (Residents to Reuters) [980103.reu]
    1998, January 2? - 4 killed, a 10 year old and 3 attackers, and 4 family 
    members injured when a farm near CHEBLI was attacked, and the farmers defended 
    themselves. (Hospital sources) [980102.ap, .cnn]
    1998, January 3 - at least 117 people had their throats cut at REMKA, Relizane 
    province. (La Tribune) (no details) [980106.reu]
    1998, January 3 - 6 people in BOUDGHENE village, Tlemcen, had their throats 
    cut when their village was attacked. (El Watan) (little detail) [980105.reu]
    1998, January 3 - 4 people were shot and killed in AIN EL MELH area, M'Sila. 
    The 4 killed were a taxi driver and the three passengers. (Liberte) (little 
    detail) [980105.reu]
    1998, January 4 - up to 300  people were killed when the village of HAD 
    CHEKALA, Ammi Moussa area, Relizane province, was attacked and burnt down by 
    an estimated 30 men, leaving no survivors. (La Tribune) [980106.reu, .bbc]
    1998, January 4 - about 80 people killed in "another village" in a later 
    attack (ie. after the Had Chekala massacre) in the RELIZANE province. 
    (hospital sources) (little detail) [980106_2.reu]
    1998, January 4 - 5 people were killed at a fake roadblock near KSAR EL 
    BOUKHARI. (Liberte) (no detail) [980105.reu]
    1998, January 4 - 7 people killed when the hamlet of SIDI AISSA, Ain Defla 
    province was attacked. (Liberte) (no details) [980105.reu]
    1998, January 4 - 7 people travelling in 2 cars and 2 trucks had their throats 
    cut at a fake roadblock near MEDEA. (Le Matin) (little detail) [980105.reu]
    1998, January 4 - 4 girls were killed and their mother was abducted in the AIN 
    DELFA region. (Le Matin) (little detail) [980105.reu]
    1998, January 4 - 2 women, a mother and her daughter, were killed in ALGIERS. 
    (El Watan) (no detail) [980105.reu]
    1998, January 4 - The government has begun arming the citizens of RELIZANE and 
    forming 'self-defence' groups among villagers. Security forces are reportedly 
    searching for those alleged to be responsible for the massacres in the REMKA 
    forest area, and around OUARSENIS mountain.  (Le Matin) [980105.reu]
    1998, January 4 - Germany expressed its desire for a diplomatic mission to go 
    to Algeria to hold governmental talks aimed at ending the killings. 
    1998, January 5 - 22 people killed in separate incidents around ALGERIA.  
    (Hospital and Morgue officials) [980106.ap]
    1998, January 5 - 10 villagers in TIARET were tortured and had their throats 
    cut. [980106.voa]
    1998, January 5 - 20 killed in an unnamed remote hamlet in the REMKA area. 
    (Liberte) (little detail) [970106_2.reu]
    1998, January 5 - 12 killed, 12 wounded in an attack on KALAAT OULED BOUNIF 
    hamlet, Relizane area. (Algerian Radio) (little detail) []
    1998, January 5 - 21 people "slaughtered", 9 wounded in an attack on IHDJAIDIA 
    village, Relizane area. (Algerian radio) (little detail) []
    1998, January 5 - 20 killed, several wounded  in an attack on BAKHOUCHA, near 
    Ain Tagourait, Tipaza province. (Liberte) Some of the victims appear to be 
    from the same family. (little detail) [980107.reu] (see also next entry)
    1998, January 5 - 6 people killed  about 3 miles from LAGHOUAT. They were 
    reportedly from the family as those killed in an attack on Bakhoucha, earlier 
    on the 5/1/98. (see above) (Liberte) [[980107.reu]
    1998, January 5 - 14 people were killed at a roadblock on the TEMOUCHERIT - 
    TLEMCEN expressway. (Le Soir d'Algerie) (little detail) [980108.reu]
    1998, January 6 - 29 killed and 27 wounded in an attack in the RELIZANE area. 
    (official figures on Algerian Radio) (location unclear) []
    1998, January 6 - 8 or 9 members of the same family were "horribly beheaded" 
    in their home in the Algiers suburb of FRAIS-VALLON. (Le Soir d'Algerie) 
    (unclear details) [980108.reu]
    1998, January 6 - 7 people had their throats cut in the center of TLEMCEN. (Le 
    Soir d'Algerie) (little detail) [980108.reu]
    1998, January 6 - The Algerian government reaffirmed its opposition to any 
    international inquiry into its "internal affairs", in an announcement on the 
    APS. [980107.ap]
    1998, January 6 - The European Union (EU) announced its wish to hold talks 
    with Algerian government and to report to a meeting of EU foreign ministers in 
    Brussels on the 26th of January, 1998. It also announced that it is prepared 
    to give aid to the communities that have been attacked. [980107_2.reu]
    1998, January 7 - The US State Department announed that the Algerian 
    government would accept a human rights investigator to "look into the 
    violence" . The US also wants NGO's such as Amnesty International to 
    investigate. [980107.ap, .voa]
    1998, January 8 - 62 people killed in 3 villages in RELIZANE province since 
    the 6th of January, 1998. (Security Forces in Al Chaab) [980108.reu]
    1998, January 8 - 26 killed and 4 women were abducted when 'militants' 
    attacked the village of BENI YEDDOU, near el Hachima. The 26 were from 3 
    families. 6 attackers were killed when security forces arrived and searched 
    the area. (Newspapers) [980110.ap,]
    1998, January 8 - 9 people were killed when an armed gang attacked SAIDA. The 
    victims were reportedly "slashed and shot". They were reportedly from the same 
    family. (Newspapers) [980110.ap,]
    1998, January 8 - The Algerian Foreign Minister announced on State TV that he 
    welcomes the talks with the EU, but rejects any inquiry into the massacres, as 
    interference in the "internal affairs" of Algeria.  [980108.reu]
    1998, January 9 - 2 killed when a bomb exploded in OULED AISSA. (Le Soir 
    d'Algerie) (no detail) [980110.ap]
    1998, January 9 - 20 civilians were killed near TABLAT. They had had their 
    throats cut. The attackers were reportedly "Afghans" - stereotypically bearded 
    men wearing tradtitional Islamic clothing. (Liberte) [980110.voa,]
    1998, January 9? - 2 people were killed by an armed group in BENI ATTELI. THey 
    had their throats cut. (Le SOir d'ALgerie) (date unclear) [980110.ap]
    1998, January 9? - 2 motorists killed at a fake police checkpoint between 
    MASCARA and SIDI BEL ABBES. (La Tribune) (little detail, date unclear) 
    1998, January 10 - 11 civilians were killed in BOURDJ KHRISS, in the Bouira 
    area. The victims were from two local families. 1 wounded family member 
    survived. They had their throats cut. The Interior Minister attended the 
    funeral. (Security Forces, APS) [980111.ap, .reu]
    1998, January 10-11 - The Chinese Foreign Minister, visiting Algeria, 
    denounced what he described as "terrorist actions" and supported the non-
    interference in Algeria's internal affairs. (unclear when he actually made 
    this statement) [980111_1.reu]
    1998, January 11 - 103 killed and 70 injured, 10 seriously, in an attack on 
    SIDI HAMED, near Blida . The victims had their throats cut, were shot and/or 
    burnt. The attackers apparently used knives, swords and axes. The attack 
    occured at about 8.30 pm when bombs were thrown into a cafe where around 70 
    young men were watching a film. The survivors of the blast fled the building 
    where an estimated 100 armed men were waiting with guns. State television 
    broadcast footage from the village, showing a bomb damaged cafe. 5 terrorists 
    were reported killed. 2 "self-defence" group volunteers were killed, and 2 
    security force members wounded in a clash with "terrorists". The Interior 
    Minister reportedly visited the site, as he had earlier attended a funeral 
    (see 10 January, 1998). (Security forces/ Algerian TV) [980112.reu, .bbc, 
    980111.ap] see also 15 January, 1998.
    1998, January 11 - The Observer newspaper, a London daily, spoke to 2 former 
    Algerian policemen who are seeking asylum in Britain. These policemen claimed 
    that they had taken part in the massacre and torture of civilians . They also 
    stated that torture regularly occurs in 5 localities in Algeria , and urged 
    the EU delgation to visit these places. [980111.obs]

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