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What is MSA all About
    MSA is a student organization that was created to strengthen the fraternal bonds among its members, and promote friendly relations between the Muslim and non- Muslim students.  Also, it is to help individuals and groups understand Islam and promote cultural understanding among its members and campus community.  And last, but not least, MSA shall organize and provide facilities for the religious and social activities on and off campus. 

  1. All Muslims on the campus of the university of Arizona are entitled to membership.
  2. Non-Muslims on the campus of the University of Arizona can become associate members of the M.S.A subject to the approval of the Executive Committee and agreeing to the M.S.A.'s objectives.

MSA Activities 
    Throughout Fall and Spring semesters every year, MSA organize certain activities either for Da'wa purposes or toward the new Muslim students on campus.  As for summer, MSA seizes the opportunity to prepare and make sure that everything is ready before the activities take off with the beginning of the Fall semester.  Summer is also a period where we contact, via mail, Muslim student who will come to campus and make sure that they know from where they can get assistant once they come to Tucson.  Here's now a brief outline for the major activities during Fall and Spring semesters: 
  • Islamic Week: Takes place on campus once each semester.
  • Da'wa Table:  On Campus every other week.
  • Camp:  Two days camp during spring break…it includes lectures from invited speakers as well as sport activities .
  • Workshop:  Takes place during Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Students Orientation: At the beginning of each semester there is a welcoming party that introduce the new brothers.  It is also used for orientation purposes to pave the way for the new brothers to a smoother new life in Tucson.
  • Free Tutoring:  MSA provides free tutoring in all subjects for the Muslim students.
  • Newsletter:  Weekly published, and it includes Islamic articles related to the present situation of the community or covers a topic that we feel that people need to know more about.
    Activities like participation in Homecoming or giving lectures about Islam in High Schools are not regularly done since Da'wa in Homecoming celebration is not something you expect to be effective.  As for High School lecture, MSA is always ready upon request to answer the call. 
For any Question or comment contact 
brother Ahmad Hamadi

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