Public statements

Position Statements

AWI9801004: In support of the Troika mission
AWI9802002: In support of Senator Leahy's letter
AWI9802005: In support of the Canadian Parliamentary delegation mission
AWI9803003: On the opposition of the European Parliament to an international investigation
AWI9803004: In support of the Quebec March
AWI9803005: In support of the WAN mission
AWI9803007: Urging UNCHR to send an envoy to Algeria
AWI0903008: In support of the London rally

Action calls

AWI9801005: 60 Minutes segment on Algeria
AWI9802003: Senator Leahy's letter
AWI0903001: Rep. Hastings resolution

Alert calls

AWI9801001: State Department briefing on Algeria
AWI9801003: State Department briefing on Algeria

Public announcements and comments

AWI9801002: Invitation to AWI
12/30/97: Answer to queries on German Algeria Watch
1/23/98: Answer to algeria-net member's concern with infiltration of AWI
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May Newsletter announcement: First newsletter out!