Reply to help offer

    Dear []:
    Thank you for your note and for your concern.
    We would be very glad to have you join our effort.
    Algeria Watch international's main goal is to bring
    about greater awareness around the world about the
    tragic situation in Algeria.  Our organization is
    trying to achieve this in two ways: (1) collecting
    crucial and important information about the Algerian
    crisis and storing it in our web site, and (2) issuing
    statements to bring attention to important events
    and actions.
    To learn more about our effort, please visit our site at:
    To help us with particular tasks, please choose from
    the list provided in:
    Thank you once again and we look forward to joining us.
                    Ahmed Bouzid
                    AWI President
    PS: For a copy of the newsletter, please send me your snail mail