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    January 23, 1998
    Dear Friends:
     This past Sunday, the award-winning program 60 Minutes
    on CBS included a report on the situation in Algeria.  AWI
    would like to urge you, if you have seen the program, to
    express your opinion and to send a feedback message to CBS.
    You may contact them as follows:
                    tel: (212) 975-3247
                    fax: (212) 975-2019 .
                            60 Minutes
                            524 West 57th Street
                            New York, NY 10019
     Although too short to engage in an in-depth analysis,
    the program had, nevertheless, the merit of revealing in
    poignant images the reality and brutality of the Algerian tragedy.
    It also brought to the fore important questions related to the
    senseless killings of these past few months. While views may differ
    on the impact public world opinion can have on the flow of events in
    Algeria, it is important to let the major media know that the ongoing
    carnage in Algeria should receive the attention it warrants.
    This can only be done by sending them reactions and feedback.

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