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    Statement AWI9802002
    Senator Patrick Leahy
    433 Russell Senate Office Building 
    United States Senate
    Washington, D.C. 20510 
    February 16, 1998
    Honorable Senator Leahy:
            Algeria Watch International, a non-profit, non-partisan US 
    based organization, wishes to express its gratitude to you and your 
    colleagues for your January 26 letter to Secretary Albright in which 
    you expressed your concern over the current situation in Algeria. 
    We fully share your urgent call for the US government to sponsor an 
    international inquiry into the recent massacres that are taking place
    in Algeria.  Indeed, the world community has a moral responsibility 
    to ensure that those responsible for perpetrating their heinous crimes 
    and for inflicting the unimaginable suffering on civilian populations 
    be brought to justice. The leadership of the United States would be a 
    determinant factor in carrying out such an initiative. 
            We hope your call will receive a favorable echo and that it 
    will contribute positively to restoring peace and respect for human 
    dignity in Algeria.
            Algeria Watch International