Algeria Watch International
    Statement Release AWI9802005
    Tel: (414) 543-6534
    February 27, 1998
    The Honourable Don Boudria
    House of Commons
    Parliament Buildings
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0A6
    Honourable Minister Boudria:
    Algeria Watch International, a non-profit and non-political
    organization, wishes to express its full support for the planned
    mission to Algeria by the Canadian Parliamentary delegation.
    As the senseless killings continue unabated, the world community has a
    moral responsibility to ensure that those responsible for perpetrating
    their heinous crimes and for inflicting unimaginable suffering on
    civilian populations be brought to justice. Canada has earned a well
    deserved reputation for upholding high moral standards in the conduct
    of international affairs and for its repeated involvement in human
    rights and peace efforts. We hope the Algerian people will benefit
    from this tradition and we strongly urge the delegation to do its
    utmost to shed light on the circumstances behind these horrific
    massacres. The causes of peace and justice in Algeria will be greatly
    boosted by any progress in this direction. Algeria Watch International
    applauds all efforts that may contribute to solving the crisis in
    Algeria and to alleviating the suffering of the Algerian people.
    Algeria Watch International