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    Statement AWI9803001
    March 03, 1998
    Dear Friends:
            Algeria Watch International has sent a letter to Rep. Alcee
    Hastings (D-FL) expressing its gratitude and its support for the
    Congressman's sponsorship of HR 347 on Algeria.
            We urge everyone to call the Congressman to express their
    gratitude and support.  The Congressman can be easily contacted by
                    Tel: (202) 225-1313
    The letter and the resolution may be found below.
    Letter to Rep. Hastings:
    Rep. Alcee L. Hastings
    1039 Longworth Building
    Washington, DC 20515-0923
    Honorable Congressman Hastings:
            Algeria Watch International, a non-profit, non-partisan,
    US based organization, wishes to extend its gratitude to you and
    to all your colleagues for sponsering House Resolution 347.  We fully
    share the concerns you express on the spiraling violence in Algeria
    and totally adhere to the eight resolutions contained in your bill.
    We thank the House for turning its attention to Algeria and we
    hope that it will sustain its attention on the tragic situation
    in Algeria.
            Algeria Watch International
    Text of HR 347:
    FILE hr347.ih
              HRES 347 IH
              105th CONGRESS
              2d Session
              H. RES. 347
              Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives with
              respect to the spiraling violence in Algeria.
                                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                        February 3, 1998
         Mr. HASTINGS of Florida submitted the following
    resolution;              which was referred to the Committee on
    International Relations
         Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives with respect
         to the spiraling violence in Algeria.
         Whereas on January 11, 1992, the military backed Government of
         Algeria canceled the second round of parliamentary elections that
         the Algerian Islamic Salvation Front was expected to win;
         Whereas 1992 saw the start of Islamic terrorism;
         Whereas the 1992 elections would probably have been won by those
         who wanted to establish an Islamic state;
         Whereas the international community has witnessed mass murders
         and violations of human rights in Algeria;
         Whereas, recently, violence has become increasingly wide-spread
         and barbaric;
         Whereas these acts of brutal violence have left thousands of
         innocent civilians, particularly women and young children, dead
         or injured;
         Whereas there has been little to no progress in brokering a
         cease-fire after six years of slaughter;
         Whereas the Algerian Government refuses to allow an international
         inquiry into the massacres; and
         Whereas the world community must not tolerate crimes against
         humanity or any other violations of international law: Now,
         therefore, be it  [Italic->]   Resolved,  [<-Italic] That the 
         House of Representatives--
        (1) strongly condemns the atrocities being carried out in
        (2) condemns the perpetrators of violence and other crimes
        against humanity and violations of fundamental human rights
        in Algeria;
        (3) condemns those who are inciting violence and urges all
        Algerians to cease recourse to violence;
        (4) urges the Government in Algeria to take all necessary
        and lawful steps to prevent violence;
        (5) urges the Algerian leadership to be more open and to
        cooperate with international inquiries;
        (6) encourages the Algerian authorities to act more
        effectively to prevent violence from occurring and to stop it
        more speedily when it occurs;
        (7) urges the Government of Algeria to fulfill the basic
        functions of any government to provide for the security,
        safety, and welfare of all its citizens; and
        (8) urges the United States to continue to call for
         national reconciliation and a more democratic course in 
         Algeria and to encourage the Algiers regime to have a dialogue 
         with all who renounce violence