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    Statement AWI9803005
    March 14, 1998
    Larry Kilman, Director of Communications,
    WAN, 25 Rue d'Astorg, 75008 Paris,
    Algeria Watch International is happy to learn that the Algerian
    authorities have decided to grant a delegation from the World
    Association of Newspapers (WAN) entry to Algeria for discussions with
    senior officials on Algeria's information policies.  AWI understands
    that the delegation will also meet with Algerian newspaper publishers
    and editors and that it will bring up in its discussions the problem
    of visas for foreign journalists wishing to cover the Algerian crisis.
    AWI wishes to lend its full support behind WAN's mission and hopes that
    WAN's delegation achieves its intended goals.
    AWI fully concurs with WAN's belief that "more press freedom and better
    access to information will help the international community achieve
    a better understanding of the situation in Algeria."  AWI believes that
    attaining such an understanding is the first step towards reaching a
    lasting and peaceful solution to the terrible conflict that Algerians
    have had to endure for the past six years.  WAN's mission will surely
    contribute to taking that first step.
    Algeria Watch International
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    >Welcome to the EJC Media News of 12 March 1998
    >WAN Set for Algerian Mission
    >The World Association of Newspapers (WAN) has been given the green
    >light by the Algerian authorities to send a delegation to Algiers
    >next week for discussions with senior government officials about the
    >country's information policies.
    >The five-man delegation will give its views on the reform of Algerian
    >press laws and express its concerns about limitations on press freedom.
    >It will also pay tribute to more than 60 Algerian media workers who
    >have been murdered during the six-year conflict in the country and
    >enquire about investigations into their deaths.
    >The delegation, which will hold extensive meetings with Algerian
    >publishers and editors, will raise the issue of visas for foreign
    >journalists and the difficulties the foreign press has had in covering
    >the country's turmoil.
    >''The World Association of Newspapers believes that more press freedom >and better access to information will help the international community >achieve a better understanding of the situation in Algeria.
    >This can only be to the benefit of everybody, including the Algerian >authorities,'' said Timothy Balding, Director General of the
    >Paris-based WAN and a member of the delegation.
    >Source: - WAN