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Statement: AWI9803008


March 31, 1998

Algeria Watch International wishes to lend its full support
behind the April 1st public rally on Algeria organized byAmnesty International, Human Rights Watch, The Medical Foundation
for the Care of Victims of Torture, The United Nations Association,
and the British Refugee Council.  We join their voices in calling
for immediate international action to be bring the suffering of the
Algerian people to an end.

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        Amnesty International with the collaboration of :
        -Human Rights Watch.
        -Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture.
        -United Nations Association.
        -British Refugee Council.

Organise a:
                                PUBLIC  RALLY
                                April 1st 1998
                                Grand Committee Room
                                House of Commons
                                London, SW1  0AA
at:                                     7pm

Will be addressing the Rally:
                                             SALIMA  GHEZALI
               Editor of “La Nation” newspaper(banned by the
                        Algerian Government)

                                          MUSTAPHA  BOUCHECHI
                                       Algerian Human Rights Lawyer
                                            KARIMA  HAMMACHE
                                          Rally for Youth Action(RAJ)
                                               GEORGE  JOFFE
                                    Royal Institute of International Affairs
                                                 JOE  STARK
                         Advocacy Director-Middle East Human Rights Watch
                                             MARK  LATIMER
                                        Amnesty International UK
                                             DR ZAKI  BADAWI
                                           Director, Muslim College
                                              NICK  HARWICK
                              Chief Executive of British Refugee Council
                        GLENYS  KINNOCK(subject to confirmation)
We urge you to show your support for the Algerian people. Attend the
Rally and add your voice to the call for international action to end the suffering
of the Algerianpeople.  If you require further information please do not hesitate
to contact :
                Mr ASAD REHMAN on: + 44 171 417 6375
                or email on :