Treasurer tasks: last reviewed 3-10-98

        -With the BOD members, work on getting a flyer ready ASAP.
	-Start filling out the forms 1023-1024-557 relative to AWI exemption etc...

        - Will do research on grant possibilities, bulk rate, or any
        financial advantages we can exploit for AWI.
        - Build Hammoudi's homepage

	- Break down expected activities and think about the expenses
	they represent (newsletter, travel expenses, ...
	- Long term: come up with a budget for 1999
	- Start thinking about a financial solution:
	   1 - Explore other sources of money
	   2 - Expore options on how to save money (mail bulk rate, ...)
	- Using a list of links to be supplied by Karim, petition to the IRS
	to receive a non profit status
	- Test the AWI membership application form
	- Think about ways of making our meetings shorter
	    Idea 1: timing each of our reports.
	    Idea 2: ask members of AWI to take on more work
	- Long term: write down all knowledge needed so that anybody can
	take on president's position should Hammoudi leave.

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