January 28, 1998

    Algeria Watch International
    P.O.Box 27423
    West Allis, WI. 53227, USA
    Tel: (414) 543-6534
    AWI email: awi@afn.org
    BOD email: afn33683@afn.org
    URL: https://members.tripod.com/~AlgeriaWatch
    January 28, 1998
    Dear AWI members:
    First, on behalf of the BOD, I would like to wish you all 3iid mubarak.  May we
    celebrate the next 3iid in better times.
    Here is where things stand today within AWI.
    The BOD is concerned about the lack to AWI members' involvement in the activities
    of AWI.  As the President's message to members a few days ago noted, the BOD
    would like to see more AWI members input in the decisions AWI makes and the
    positions it takes.  We would like AWI members to view themselves not as
    agents of the BOD but as full and equal partners.  We should view the AWI
    organization as a tool that we ALL have at our disposal in our effort to
    fulfill our collective mission.
    In that spirit, we strongly urge you to share with us:
            (a) Thoughts on how to run things within AWI
            (b) Suggestions on positions to take in regard to events related to the
                Algerian crisis
            (c) Information sources you may come across
            (d) And anything that you feel will promote the AWI cause
    As a first attempt towards getting AWI members' input (as mentioned in the
    President's message to AWI), the BOD is requesting feedback on the idea of AWI
    writing to PBS's MacNeil Hour's recent segment on Algeria.  Please take a few
    minutes to share your impressions and to give suggestions on what we should do.
    For the full transcript of the segment, please refer to:
    a) Public statements classification
    To clarify things for AWI members (and also for ourselves), these are the kinds of
    public statements that AWI can issue:
            (a) Position Statements: these are statements that express a position that AWI
            takes regarding some issue or action (i.e., that we applaud someone, or we
            deplore something, etc., e.g., our support for the Troika mission).
            (b) Action Calls: these are statements where we urge our reader to act in some
            way (e.g., our Action Call to people to contact 60 Minutes).
            (c) Alert Calls: these are statements where we would like to bring to the attention
            of people some event, without taking a position (e.g., say telling people that there
            will be a report on Algeria in 60 Minutes next Sunday).
            (d) Public Comments: these are statements that AWI issues in response to
            inquiries, questions, etc. (e.g., the President's answers to various questions
            from algeria-net).
    Our goal is to issue at least 1 public statement per week, possibly 2, so that we
    maintain our presence and visibility.
    (b) Statements issued
    Since last Wednesday, AWI issued an "Action Call" encouraging people to contact 60
    Minutes to thank them for devoting part of their program to Algeria.  We have also
    faxed a letter to them expressing our satisfaction.  We urge AWI members to
    contact 60 Minutes to express their opinion on the program.
    2. TASKS
    (a) Positions filled
    (i) General Manager position
    Finally, an AWI member has stepped forward to fill the GM position, although
    for only 60 days.  At this time, some formalities remain to be taken care
    of, but we should be able to announce the new temporary GM within a couple
    of days, if all goes fine.
    (ii) Other positions
    Since last Wednesday, we managed to fill only three more positions!  The total number
    of positions filled now stands at 14.    Clearly, we are not making the progress we
    should be making in terms of getting people motivated to take on a position.   We hope
    that with time, as we get more organized and as people become more familiar with our
    mission, more assignments will be filled.  At the same time, we would like to ask AWI
    members to share with us their thoughts and suggestions on how to get more people
    involved.  Any and all ideas are welcome.
    (b) Positions to fill
    You will find at the end of this message a list of tasks that we need to fill.
    Please take the time to examine it and please pick a task.  For a more
    complete list of open positions, please visit:
    As mentioned last week, there are a couple of tasks that AWI needs to fill urgently:
            (1) LEGAL ADVISOR: as AWI begins to engage in official communications,
            we will eventually need (and already do need, in fact) legal advice.
            If anyone is a lawyer out there, or knows of a lawyer who might
            volunteer his or her services, please contact us as soon as possible.
            (2) TRANSLATOR: as AWI begins to issue position statements, we
            need to have people who are willing to translate AWI communications,
            or in general anything that AWI needs to translate.  Any and
            all languages are welcome.
    3. WEB SITE
    (a) AWI main page
    A counter was added to AWI's main page on January 21st.  Since that day, our page
    has been visited 862 times!  This is not bad at all.
    The main page is up for a major face lift.  Much of the information that is present
    in the main page today belongs to what is now called "Archives and Activities".
    The main page will contain mainly information about AWI, while what we will call
    "AWI library" will contain information about Algeria and the Algerian crisis, along
    with all archives that we will accumulate and store.  Please feel free to share
    with us suggestions on what to put on the main AWI page.
    (b) Archives
    The archives continue to grow.  The following links are now active and have content:
            State Department: https://members.tripod.com/~AlgeriaWatch/StateDepartment.html
            White House: https://members.tripod.com/~AlgeriaWatch/WhiteHouseData.html
            Academia, Books: https://members.tripod.com/~AlgeriaWatch/Books.html
            Academia, Scholars: https://members.tripod.com/~AlgeriaWatch/Scholars.html
            Perspectives: https://members.tripod.com/~AlgeriaWatch/Perspectives.html
    (b) AWI members page
    The AWI members page continues to be updated.  You will find it at:
    We continue to advertise AWI's birth and existence to all kinds of organizations.  At
    this point, we are compiling media addresses, addresses of organizations and of scholars
    on Algeria to contact and to let them know of our existence.  This is a crucial part of
    our activities at this point and we urge all AWI members to help us propagate the word
    about AWI.  The more people and organizations know about us, the more relavant we become.
    If you would like to advertise AWI, you will find for your convenience an
    introductory message about AWI at:
    Please use this message, as is, to advertise AWI around you.  If you are
    not able to take on a task at this point, please at least send around the
    ready-made message to people around you.  Please don't hesitate to make
    printouts and distribute a hard copy of the AWI introductory message.
    (a) In the last Wednesday update, we asked members to give us more feedback
    on the concern some members had on the identity of new applicants to
    AWI membership.  Since there was no strong feedback, the BOD will confine itself
    at this point to reiterating its present admission policy: as it is impossible
    to truly verify the identity of new applicants, the BOD will rely on AWI
    member objections to application as its filtering mechanism, as stated in
    the bylaws, Article 10, Section 2 of the Membership Provisions.  If members
    have new concerns, the BOD is of course more than ready to consider them.
    (b) The suggestion that we should make the AWIMembers.html page accessible
    from the main page will be implemented during the upcoming AWI main page
    face lift.  We rely on you to double check that we did indeed follow through
    when the new page is put in place.
    As always, thank you for being part of AWI.
    Ahmed Bouzid
    AWI, GFO
    Here are the task assignments as of January 28, 1998.  Please do not hesitate to point
    out any mistakes that you may notice.
    Non-governmental, non-political, and for-profit:
            Human Rights Organizations: Troy Mutton
    Government organizations :
            Foreign governments:
                          State Dept.: Bayazid Merabet
                          White House: Abdenour Achab
                    UK: Abdi Asghar
                    Netherlands: Larbi Alili
    Political organizations: M'hammed Henniche, Executive Field Officer
            Algerian Parties: Hussain Asaf
    Academia: Mustapha Khan
            Books: Mustapha Khan
            Scholars on Algeria: Karim Boughida
            Chronology of major events: Troy Mutton
    AWI newsletter: Omar Hassaine, Executive Field Officer
    1 - US Senate monitor
            - Alert us to statements from senators, Senate committees,
              Senate publications, that relate to Algeria
            - Who in the Senate is interested in Algeria
    2 - US House monitor
            - Alert us to statements from the House that relate to Algeria
            - Who in the House is interested in Algeria
    3 - United Nations monitor
            - Alert us to statements, activities, etc., from the UN
            - Who in the UN is interested in Algeria
    4 - Non-political Algerian groups and societies monitor
            - Collect information about non-political Algerian
            organizations and societies abroad
    5 - Think tanks monitor
            - Collect reports, papers, etc., on the ALgerian crisis
            issued by Think tanks
    6 - Washington Post monitor
            - Alert us to articles written on Algeria by the Washington Post
            - Who in the Washington Post writes on Algeria
            - Collect the editorials written by the Washington Post on
              Algeria since 92
    7 - Los Angeles Times monitor
            - Alert us to articles written on Algeria by the LA Times
            - Who in the LA Times writes on Algeria
            - Collect the editorials written by the LA Times on Algeria since 92
    8 - NPR monitor
            - Alert us to NPR reports on Algeria
            - Who in NPR reports on Algeria
    9 - Collector of interviews on the Algerian crisis