Algeria Watch International 
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    West Allis, WI. 53227, USA 
    Tel: (414) 543-6534 
    AWI email: 
    BOD email: 
    February 4th, 1998 
    Dear AWI members: 
    The past week has been relatively quiet, but steady progress continues to be
    made.  This is a highlight of AWI actions since last Wednesday. 
    I want to welcome once again Abdenour Achab who has volunteered to join the
    BOD as General Manager.  He has undertaken to fill the GM position for 60 days
    (i.e., until April 2nd), or until a permanent replacement has been found,
    whichever comes first.  The BOD appreciates Abdenour's initiative and very
    much welcomes the help he will be providing it. 
    Abdenour will be in charge of keeping track of memberships, the AWI members
    page, and in general the management of AWI's internal affairs.  He will also
    take over  the AWI Wednesday update once he is settled within the BOD.
    Members' input since last week did pick up, compared to previous weeks.
    We want to encourage this trend.  As stated last week, members should
    share with the rest of AWI, or with the BOD: 
            (a) Thoughts on how to run things within AWI 
            (b) Suggestions on positions to take in regard to events related to the
                Algerian crisis 
            (c) Information sources you may come across 
            (d) And anything that you feel will promote the AWI cause 
    The BOD takes seriously members suggestions.  All member suggestions
    will from now on be recorded.  You can find the present list at
    The list of suggestions may be accessed from the AWI members page
    AWI issued no public statements since last Wednesday. 
    The BOD is, however, contemplating writing a position statement and/or an action call
    in reference to an action that is being undertaken by US Senator Patrick Leahy, who is
    circulating a letter urging the US administration to call for an international investigation
    into what is going on in Algeria. 
    I will shortly send you more details about the matter.  The BOD has made no decision on
    the idea as yet.  We urge AWI members to give us feedback. 
    4. TASKS 
    (a) Positions filled 
    Aside the General Manager position, no new positions were filled.  We urge
    those who have time to spare to take on a position that interests them. 
    (b) Positions to fill 
    For a more complete list of open positions, please visit: 
    A new list of urgent tasks will be sent to members shortly.   
    As mentioned in last two messages, there are a couple of tasks that AWI needs to fill
            (1) LEGAL ADVISOR: as AWI begins to engage in official communications,
            we will eventually need (and already do need, in fact) legal advice.
            If anyone is a lawyer out there, or knows of a lawyer who might
            volunteer his or her services, please contact us as soon as possible. 
            (2) TRANSLATOR: as AWI begins to issue position statements, we
            need to have people who are willing to translate AWI communications,
            or in general anything that AWI needs to translate.  Any and
            all languages are welcome. 
    5. WEB SITE 
    (a) AWI main page 
    Since January 21st, the AWI main page has been visited 1115 times. 
    We are adding AWI's url to search engines, the latest one being altavista.
    If you know of a search engine to which you could add AWI's url, please do so.
    As stated in last Wednesday's message, the main page is up for a major face lift.
    The page is still being re-designed.
    (b) Archives
    A new section has been added to the Archives: Overview.  This section will
    contain overview essays on various fields and topics.  We shall be
    soliciting help from AWI members, and from outside scholars for
    getting a collection of good overview essays.  If you would like to
    contribute to this collection of essays, please contact me at:
    A new activated link that may be of particular interest to members is the
    scholars page.  Here, we have collected the coordinates of scholars on
    Algerian the US and Canada.  You may find it at:
    (c) AWI Newsletter 
    Omar Hassaine, as you all know, is our Newsletter Executive Officer.
    AWI needs to issue a periodic publication (initially electronic) that
    provides people on a regular with substantive information on the main
    events pertaining to the crisis in Algeria.  As we begin to plan out
    the format, content, etc., of the newsletter, we would like members to
    share with us what they think AWI's newsletter should contain.
    6. OUTREACH 
    (a) Advertising AWI 
    Since last Wednesday, AWI was further advertised to various groups and
    individuals.  Mainly, a couple of days ago we sent an introduction message
    about AWI to a list of scholars on Algeria.  We shall share with you
    any feedback we get from them. 
    If you would like to advertise AWI, you will find for your convenience an
    introductory message about AWI at:
    Please use this message, as is, to advertise AWI around you.  If you are
    not able to take on a task at this point, please at least send around the
    ready-made message to people around you.  Please don't hesitate to make
    printouts and distribute a hard copy of the AWI introductory message.
    (b) Contacts to AWI
    Since last Wednesday, AWI received numerous requests for information
    about the crisis in Algeria.  The BOD is contemplating preparing a ready-to-send
    packet of information that we will have handy to quickly dispatch when we
    receive such requests.  We shall let you know when the packet is ready
    for your inspection and feedback. 
    (a) New section on financial & economic situation
    A member suggested that we add a section in the archives that focuses on economic
    and financial aspects of the Algerian crisis.  A page has been set up for this-- empty for
    now -- at:
    (a) AWI Flyers 
    Another member suggested that we publish hard-copy flyers about Algeria Watch International
    for distribution.   The BOD will look into the matter and get back to you shortly.
    (c) Women's section
    A third member proposed the creation of a section under AWI that focuses more closely on women
    issues.  The member has promised to put a more detailed proposal on the table in the
    near future.
    As always, thank you for being part of AWI.
    Ahmed Bouzid 
    AWI, GFO