Wednesday Update, February 11, 1998

    Algeria Watch International
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    West Allis, WI. 53227, USA
    Tel: (414) 543-6534
    AWI email:
    BOD email:
    February 10th, 1998
    Dear AWI members:
    This following is a highlight of AWI actions since last Wednesday.
    The first BOD elections will be held this year during the month of November.
    As Article 3, Section 10 indicates, the BOD will determine the exact date of the
    elections no later than September 1st.  Please consult the bylaws, Article 3, 
    Section 10, "Elections to Office", for more details.
    We remain disappointed by the very low level of members participation
    in AWI's activities.  Since last Wednesday, little was achieved by AWI.  
    The BOD continues to shoulder the brunt of the work, and progress continues 
    in the work performed by the BOD members, but very little has been forthcoming 
    from the rest of AWI members.  The BOD is eager to entertain any feedback or 
    advice that the AWI membership may give it on how to stimulate members 
    to participate more.   
    Some members have provided important feedback and suggestions, and we are 
    very thankful to them.  We urge the rest to make at least a small effort in 
    contributing to AWI's success.
    Again, members should share with the rest of AWI, or with the BOD:
            (a) Thoughts on how to run things within AWI
            (b) Suggestions on positions to take in regard to events related to the
                Algerian crisis
            (c) Information sources you may come across
            (d) And anything that you feel will promote the AWI cause
    Since last week, all member suggestions are being recorded.  You can find 
    the present list of suggestions on the table at: 

    The list of suggestions may be accessed from the AWI members page
    We have added a fifth category of AWI statements: AWI Analyses.  This category
    of statements will contain analyses of events that pertain to the Algerian 
    crisis from the perspective of AWI's mission and general stand.  If you wish
    to write an analysis piece for AWI, please feel free to propose something to the
    (a) Statements issued
    AWI issued no public statements since last Wednesday.  
    (b) Statements planned
    The BOD is still working on writing a position statement and an action call in reference 
    to an action that is being undertaken by US Senator Patrick Leahy, who is circulating a 
    letter urging the US administration to call for an international investigation  into what 
    is going on in Algeria.  
    An analysis statement examining the recent Senate Hearings on Algeria will also be
    forthcoming.  If you have any comments on those hearings, please share them with
    us.  The Hearings can be listened to on-line via the following link:
    4. TASKS
    (a) Short-term tasks
    The BOD, in its continuing effort to stimulate member participation,
    would like to propose for members a set of short-term tasks that they
    may either take over or help in fulfilling.  The proposed tasks are:
     	1 - Build a list of foreign journalists who have written on Algeria.
            2 - Build a list of foreign companies that do business with Algeria.
            3 - Build a list of addresses and coordinates of Algerian associations abroad.
            4 - Build a list of addresses and coordinates of Algerian embassies.
            5 - Build a list of addresses and coordinates of embassies in Algeria.
            6 - Build a list of addresses and coordinates of political parties in Algeria.
            7 - Build a list of Islamic/Arab/Middle Eastern human rights associations.
            8 - Build a list of public personalities of Algerian origin/descent.
            9 - Collect summary essays on the various aspects of the Algerian crisis.
            10 - Build a list of graduate students/doctoral candidates who are
                studying Algeria.
    If you would like to take on one of the tasks or to contribute in fulfilling it,
    please let me know.
    (b) Positions filled
    (i) General Manager
    It is our pleasure to announce that Abdenour Achab has volunteered to
    permanently fill the GM position.  Thank you, Abdenour.
    (ii) Legal Advice
    The BOD is engaged in investigating a potential source of legal advice
    and counsel.  We will let you know when we have made progress on this
    important task.
    (c) Positions to fill
    For a complete list of open positions, please visit:
    The following two areas of tasks remain crucial:
            (1) LEGAL ADVISOR: If anyone is a lawyer out there, or knows of a lawyer 
    	who might volunteer his or her services, please contact us as soon as possible.
            (2) TRANSLATOR: as AWI begins to issue position statements, we
            need to have people who are willing to translate AWI communications,
            or in general anything that AWI needs to translate.  Any and
            all languages are welcome.
    5. WEB SITE
    (a) AWI main page
    As stated in last two Wednesday messages, the main page is up for a major face lift.  
    The page is still being re-designed.
    (b) Archives
    The Experts on Algeria page now contains detailed contact information
    of scholars on Algeria.

    You may also find a page containing a collection of articles and picture
    on the Algeria crisis.  As it stands, the page is a starting point,
    but we hope to enrich it in the near future. (See 6 (b) below.)
    (c) AWI Newsletter
    As I said last week, AWI will be issuing a periodic newsletter.  A few 
    suggestions have been forward on the content and format of the Newsletter.  
    We encourage you to participate in providing feedback on the matter to our 
    Newsletter Executive Officer, Omar Hassaine.  The first issue of the Newsletter 
    is schedule to be out in early March.
    (a) Advertising AWI
    We continue to advertise AWI.  If you would like to help us in this task, you will 
    find for your convenience an introductory message about AWI at:
    Please use this message, as is, to advertise AWI around you. Please don't 
    hesitate to make printouts and distribute a hard copy of the AWI introductory 
    (b) On-line reading packet
    An on-line reading packet is now available in the AWI site.  This 
    page contains a collection of essays that together form a good
    introduction to some important dimensions of the Algerian crisis.
    You will find it at:
    (a) Yassine Amrani (Feb 5)
    Yassine suggested that we reserve some space in the newsletter to
    issues that touch on Algerians living abroad.  
    The BOD will certainly consider adding such space to the extent that 
    the issues at hand are related to the Algerian crisis at home and 
    are compatible with AWI's mission: bringing to world attention the
    Algerian crisis at home.  Yassine is welcome to make more specific 
    suggestions as the details of the newsletter's format and content 
    start to take shape.
    (b) Azzedine Mansour (Feb 6)
    Azzedine suggested that we register AWI as a Human Rights NGO.  
    The BOD welcomes this suggestion and looks forward to the additional
    information Azzedine promised to get us.
    (c) Azzedine Mansour (Feb 6)
    Azzedine also suggested that we add to AWI's mission the defense
    and promotion of refugees.
    The BOD would like to remind members that AWI's mission is confined
    to bringing to world attention the Algerian crisis in Algeria.  To
    be sure, what is going on in Algeria is touching Algerians and
    non-Algerians beyond Algeria's borders.  At the same time, however,
    AWI would like to remain vigilant in restricting its efforts to a clear
    mission.  The Algerian crisis has a bewildering set of dimensions, and 
    attempting to fold them all within our mission would probably be too ambitious.
    (d) Ali Hannat (Feb 8)
    Ali Hannat presented a well-thought out proposal for creating a federal
    structure of AWI that has active chapters around the world.  The BOD
    is very interested in the project and would like to examine it further
    before reacting.  We should share with you our reaction by next Wednesday.
    As always, thank you for being part of AWI.
    Ahmed Bouzid
    AWI, GFO