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    March 11th, 1998
    Dear AWI members:
    The following is a highlight of AWI actions since last Wednesday.
    AWI issued one public statement (statement AWI9802006): 
    a letter  to the Congressman Hastings.
    You may view all AWI public statements and action calls at:

    2. TASKS:
    Updated list of open GFO tasks:
    (a) Position(s) filled:
    Ahmed Bouzid has been nominated by the Board as the President of AWI,
    starting March 18, 1998.
    (b) Positions to fill:
    Starting March 18, the position of General Field Officer (member of the Board)
    will be vacant. Applications and nominations are invited from AWI members.
    For a complete list of open positions, please visit:
    4. WEB SITE
    (a) Chronology of events:
    We now a have a more detailed chronology of events in Algeria
    since 1991.  Please examine it and give us feedback on how to
    improve it.  The chronology is at:

    (b) New Pages and Links:
    The following pages and links have been added to the archives.
    Muslim and Arab associations in France
    Chronology of violence:
    Foreign political parties:
    Canadian parties: 
    Addresses and contacts for some press wire services: 
    Link to page on business in Algeria:
    Link to a good page on data on Algeria: Algeria - a country study (link)
    5. FLYER:
    We also have a first draft of the flyer.  A second draft is in the works.
    We have started developing a questionnaire on the Algerian crisis that we
    are intending to use to survey various official and academic bodies.
    A first draft of this questionnaire will be shared with you by next week.
    We have a first, but incomplete draft of the newsletter.  The BOD is 
    delaying for one more week the publication of the newsletter in the 
    hope that someone will step up to write a brief essay on the treatment
    of the Algerian crisis on the international scene.  We urge you to consider
    writing a short one or two page essay 
    9. CHAT ROOM:
    We are looking into the possibilit of setting up a chat room so that AWI
    members may get together and discuss AWI matters in real time.   So far,
    we have discovered that such chat rooms are provided by our tripod 
    web service.  The only problem is that any other tripod member
    may enter our chat room and eavsedrop on our conversations.  We are
    trying to make access a little more restrictive.
    Abdenour Achab
    General Manager