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    March 25th, 1998
    Dear AWI members:
    The following is a highlight of AWI actions since last Wednesday.
    AWI issued one public statement (statement AWI9803007) urging 
    the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to appoint an 
    official to investigate the recent massacres and endemic violence
    in Algeria.
    You may view all AWI public statements and action calls at:
    AWI is preparing to start a fund-raising campaign. Stay tuned for more
    information to come.
    3. WEB PAGE:
    Karim Boughida has provided us with a search engine, and we are
    looking into adding it to our web site.
    4. GFO position:
    The General Field Officer position is currently open. You are 
    encouraged to apply for it by sending an e-mail to the President, 
    Ahmed Bouzid. This is your opportunity, pending the November
    elections, to become a member of the Board of AWI. If you don't
    wish to become GFO, you are encouraged to nominate other AWI
    member(s) for the position.
    5. AWI Library:
    A new AWI library is now open.  You may consult it at:

    The library contains some of the links in the Activities and 
    Archives pages.  We are planning to put together "theme" packages 
    of information: e.g., package on human rights, package on the economy 
    in Algeria, package on the situation of women's rights in Algeria, etc.
    Members are encouraged to help us build these packages or to suggest 
    material to include.
    A first draft of the newsletter should be ready by the end of this week.
    Abdenour Achab
    General Manager