Wednesday Update, April 08, 1998

    Algeria Watch International
    P.O.Box 27423
    West Allis, WI. 53227, USA
    Tel: (414) 543-6534
    AWI email:
    BOD email:
    April 8th, 1998
    Dear AWI members:
    The following is a highlight of AWI actions since last Wednesday.
    AWI did not issue a public statement this week.
    You may view all AWI public statements and action calls at:
    2. TASKS
    a. Open GFO position:
    The GFO position is still open. AWI members who feel the need to
    be more actively involved in the direction of AWI are encouraged
    to apply for the position.
    3. WEB
    a. Pages added
    Many links and pages have been added to the AWI site --
    too numerous to list here.  Please visit the following
    for more information:
    	AWI library:
    	Activist resources:
    	Institutions and organizations:

    If you have any suggestions on pages and links to add, or feedback on
    the present pages, please don't hesitate to speak up.
    b. The AWI members page
    The AWI members are urged to consult periodically for information the page:
    We would like to ask each and every one of you to help us
    advertise AWI.  We will e-mail to you this week a simple flyer 
    in MS Word format that we would encourage you to print,
    copy and distribute all around you. If you are in school,
    the best place to advertise AWI is your international office.
    AWI's membership is approaching 40. The list of members is at:
    The members suggestions are recorded in:
    There have been no new suggestions this week. Again, please
    do not hesitate to let me know if any suggestion has been overlooked
    7. OTHER:
    a. The Newsletter
    The newsletter has been completed and shipped to various
    individuals, human rights organizations, newspapers and
    news outlets, universities, and government institutions.
    The production of the newsletter has cost us in excess
    of $120 (to make 100 copies).  The board continues to
    bear the burden of the cost, but if you would like to
    help us with a donation, we would appreciate it very much.
    A complimentary copy of the newsletter will be shipped to 
    those who donate whatever sum they can afford.  If you want
    a copy, please send your snail mail address to Ahmed Bouzid:
    b. Fund Raising:
    Following the initiation of our fund raising campaign, AWI started
    receiving some donations. The amount received does not cover 
    yet the expenses necessary to keep AWI running. Unlike most
    associations, AWI does not charge membership dues. Donations
    from members who can afford it will, however, be greatly 
    Abdenour Achab
    General Manager