Wednesday Update, April 15, 1998

    Algeria Watch International
    P.O.Box 27423
    West Allis, WI. 53227, USA
    Tel: (414) 543-6534
    AWI email:
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    April 15th, 1998
    Dear AWI members:
    The following is a highlight of AWI actions since last Wednesday.
    AWI issued one public statement this week (statement AWI980401).
    The statement was about the first release of the bimonthly newsletter.
    You may view all AWI public statements and action calls at:
    2. TASKS
    a. Open GFO position:
    The GFO position is still open. AWI members who feel the need to
    be more actively involved in the direction of AWI are encouraged
    to apply for the position.  For a detailed description of what
    the GFO position entails, please visit:

    3. WEB
    a. Pages added
    The main page has been further developed.  Most notably, the
    following sections have been added:
    	i) Latest news on Algeria: at this point, this is simply
    	a link to Yahoo's news filter on Algeria.  We plan to have
    	other newsfeeds very shortly.
    	ii) Reports submitted to AWI: the section contains a
    	collection of short reports submitted to AWI. 
    	iii) Opinions submitted to AWI: short opinion essays
    	submitted to AWI are placed here.
    	iv) Petitions and drives: this section will contain 
    	a record of past petitions and drives, and a list of
    	ongoing drives.
    If you would like to write a report or an opinion piece, or would
    like to alert AWI of a petition or drive, please don't hesitate
    to send us mail.
    b. The AWI members page
    The AWI members are urged to consult periodically for information the
    a. Distributing flyer
    In our continuing effort to make people aware of AWI's existence,
    we continue to ask that each and every one of you to help us
    advertise AWI.  Attached to this file is a simple flyer in word
    format.  Please print and distribute around you.
    b. Multilingual flyer
    We are in the process of developing a multi-fold flyer on AWI that
    will contain AWI's mission statement in various languages.  We currently
    have the following versions: English, French, Spanish, Turkish, 
    Serbo-Croatian and Chinese.  We would like to ask you to help us
    translate the mission to any other language that you can.  
    AWI's membership is approaching 40. The list of members is at:
    The members suggestions are recorded in:
    7. OTHER:
    a. Fund Raising:
    Since its call of two weeks ago, AWI has received a grand total
    of two (2) checks!  The two checks, from generous people, total
    $200.  It goes without saying that we are disappointed by the
    answer we have received to our call.  We would like to urge
    each and everyone of you to help us share the expenses of this
    effort.  $10 from each of you would bring in $400, an amount
    that would give us some room to do something.
    Abdenour Achab
    General Manager