Wednesday Update, April 29, 1998

    Algeria Watch International
    P.O.Box 27423
    West Allis, WI. 53227, USA
    Tel: (610) 635-0810
    AWI email:
    April 29, 1998
    Dear AWI members:
    The following is a highlight of AWI actions since last Wednesday.
    AWI issued no public statement this week.
    You may view all AWI public statements and action calls at:
    2. TASKS
    a. Open GFO position:
    The GFO position is still open. AWI members who feel the need to
    be more actively involved in the direction of AWI are encouraged
    to apply for the position.  For a detailed description of what
    the GFO position entails, please visit:
    3. WEB
    a. Pages added
    The main AWI page has undergone further development.  Feedback from
    members is encouraged, as always.
    a. Distributing flyer
    In our continuing effort to make people aware of AWI's existence,
    we continue to ask that each and every one of you to help us
    advertise AWI.  Attached to this file is a simple flyer in word
    format.  Please print and distribute around you.
     b. Multilingual flyer
    We have collected the following language versions of the AWI mission 
    statement: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Turkish, 
    and Serbo-Croatian.  Our repeated calls to out compatriotes for an 
    Arabic version and an Imazighen version have yielded no reply.  
    c. AWI Polling
    AWI has begun conducting polls on various aspects of the Algerian
    crisis.  We invite you to help us make this new AWI activity a 
    success by at least participating -- i.e., casting your vote at:
    If you have a particular question you would like to submit to a poll,
    please feel free to contact us.
    d. AWI Conferencing
    AWI has also begun sponsoring AWI cyberconferences.  This forum will
    hopefully enable people to exchange their views in a setting where the
    aim is not to engage in polemics, but in advancing our collective
    understanding of the situation in Algeria and in putting on the table
    new ideas.
    You may join AWI conferencing at:
    An updated page of members may be found at:

    We are missing some e-mail addresses beside members, and some member
    names beside email addresses.  Please consult the page and let us
    The members suggestions are recorded in:

    7. OTHER
    a. Fund Raising:
    AWI's calls for members to contribute a few dollars for the AWI cause
    remain unheaded.  AWI's next newsletter is scheduled for the end of
    June.  AWI's directors will not be able to shoulder the burden of
    its publication by themselves once more.  We ask you again to contribute
    whatever small amount you can afford. 
    Abdenour Achab
    General Manager