Algerian Embassy in the U.S.

Embassy of the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria
Chancery: 2118 Kalorama Rd. NW. 20008

National Holiday: Anniversary of the Revolution, November 1.

Mr. Mohamed Amine KHENE; Mrs. Khene
Minister, Charge d'Affaires ad interim (April 1, 1996)

Mr. Ali ALAOUI; Mrs. Alaoui
Counselor (Political)

Mr. Abdelmoun'aam AHRIZ; Mrs. Ahriz
Counselor (Political)

Mr. Belaid BENALI; Mrs. Benali
Counselor (Political)

Mr. Mustapha SEDDIKI- Mrs. SeddiXi
Minister-Counselor (Economic)

Mr. Lahcene BESSIKRI; Mrs. Bessikri
Counselor (Economic)

Mr. Mahieddine DJEFFAL; Mrs. Djeffal
Counselor (Press and Information)

Mr. Kamel RETIEB; Mrs. Retieb
First Secretary (Cultural)

Mr. Hamid BELHADJ; Mrs. Belhadj
Minister-Counselor (Consular)

Mr. Said KESSAR; Mrs. Kessar
Counselor (Administrative and Financial)

Mr. Khaled BELMIHOUB; Mrs. Belmihoub

Mr. Mohamed Salah SLiRI; Mrs. Siari

Major Generd Moharned Mokhtar BOUTEMMINE; Mrs. Boutemmine
Defense, Military, Naval, and Air AttachE

Mr. Mohamed Larbi RAHMANI; Mrs. Rahmani
Attache (Financial)

Mr. Djilali BELBACHIR; Mrs. Belbachir
Attache (Administrative)

Consular Office
2137 Wyoming Ave. NW. 2000E

Economic and Administrative Office
2135 Wyoming Ave. NW. 20008

Military Office
2133 Wyoming Ave. NW. 20008

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