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Human rights
Amnesty Internationalon Algeria
Human Rights Watch on Algeria
Amnesty International On-line
Human Rights Watch
UN Reports on Algeria
The Observer: Human Rights Index
AAAS Science and Human Rights Program
The Action Coalition
African Human Rights Resource Center
Artists Against Racism
Attorneys Without Borders
Canadian Human Rights Commission
Australian Human Rights and Civil Rights Papers
The Carter Center
Coalition for International Justice
The Human Rights Gopher
Human Rights Interactive Network
The Human Rights Research and Education Center
The Human Rights Web Home Page
The International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development
The Interfaith Alliance Home Page
International Committee of the Red Cross
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights
Physicians for Human Rights
United Nations Agreements on Human Rights
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
University of Minnesota Human Rights Library

Amazigh Rights
Website of the Amazigh World Congress
Amazigh heritage
WWW links to the Amazigh world

Women's rights
Internet Resources for Women's Legal and Public Policy Information
Women's rights associations and resources
Women's rights guide (link)
Feminist Activist Resources on the Net
Feminist Internet Gateway
Gender Issues
Sexual Assault Information Page

Children's rights
Children's Defense Fund
National Child Rights Alliance
World Health Organization

Journalists rights
The Committee to Protect Journalists
The Freedom Forum First Amendment Center
Global Cencorship Issues
Electronic Privacy Information Center - EPIC
Global Internet Liberty Campain
Privacy International

Associations in Algeria
Muslim and Arab associations
Muslim associations in France
Other socio-culrural associations in France

Official institutions
Algerian hospitals
Algerian ministries
The Algerian government
Algerian political parties
Coordinates of embassies in Algeria

List of scholars on Algeria
Bibliography on Algeria
Bibliography of Dissertations on Algeria

Financial institutions
Companies doing business in/with Algeria
Algerian Business

AFL-CIO Home Page
The Global Democracy Network

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  AWI resources
Ask about the crisis in Algeria: ask-awi page
Library of articles on the crisis
Activist resources
Institutions and organizations
Resources for establishing your own organization
AWI bibliography
Bibliography of Dissertations on Algeria

Associations focusing on the Algerian crisis
ALHUR -- Algerians for Legality and Human Rights in Algeria
AW -- Algeria Watch (not affiliated with Algeria Watch International)
Hijra International On-line -- Hijra International Organization 
WAAC -- World Algeria Action Coalition 

Algerian associations abroad
AAANE -- The Algerian American Association of New England
AAAT -- The Algerian American Association of Texas
AAEE -- Algerian Association for Earthquake Engineering 
AAMP -- Algerian Association of Medical Physicists 
AANC -- Algerian Association of Northern California
ASAUO The Algerian Student Association of the University of Ottawa
The Algerian Fraternity in France 
List of Algerian Associations and Organizations for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry
M3A -- Metropolitan Association of Algerian Americans (NJ/NY/PA)

Wires and web news on Algeria
Africa News on Algeria
Agence France Press (AFP)
Algeria news on the WEB
Latest from Reuters and AP wires
Reuters news on Algeria via Info seek 
Yahoo News on Algeria
Yahoo! France: La Crise Algérienne

Algerian news sources
Algérie Presse Service
El Watan
Le Jeune Independant
La Tribune

French news sources
Le Monde
Revue de presse du Ministère des Affaires Etrangères
L'Hebdonet de France2
Le Monde diplomatique
Autres publications françaises
Les médias francophones en ligne

Other news sourceson Algeria
Maghreb Weekly Monitor
Arabic News
BBC News (Arabic) 
BBC News (English) 
UN News
UN press releases
La Tribune de Genève
Washington Post/AP Search

Audio (Téléchargez/Download RealPlayer 5.0) 
Radio Algiers live (4 channels)
Radio Casablanca (Morocco)
Radio Tunis
BBC News
Europe 1
France Culture
Sorbonne Radio France
Programmes speciaux


Special Elections 1999
Resources on the April 15 Presidential elections 

Il y a dix ans, Alger vivait des émeutes que personne n'a oubliées
UN report on Algeria (in French)
Amnesty International's press release on UN report
The hell the West refuses to see (From Human Rights Index)
Algeria is the 'winner' of an alternative world cup for the worst abuser of human rights (From Algeria Watch (Germany))

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HMS - Multipartism Democratic Forum

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